Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mumbai region cools down Thursday Morning... Cooling was anticipated in Mah and Gujarat from Wednesday for 2 days ( forecasted earlier). A weak F-4 has brought down the temperatures a bit more than anticipated..
Mumbai S'Cruz was 13.4c (Wednesday Night recorded minimum Thursday Morning). Lowest for this date ,1st March, for S'Cruz  is 15c. Mumbai Colaba was 18.4c, Pune 9.8c, Nasik 8.7c, and Ahmednagar 7.1c.

Note on official start of summer season from today will be up tonite..


Ameya said...

Wish this cold stays for long...any chance of further drop in temperatures, Hope day doesnt turn too warm. Comments please

Rajesh said...

Ameya: Dont see a further drop as i had forecasted a drop on 2 days, wed and thurs. Both the nights it dropped, it was 16 yesterday (on expected lines) and 13.4 today (below expectations).
As mentioned in vagaries forecast, it is not expected to turn very hot this week at least..
weekend forecast tonite, and next week's on Sunday

sridhar said...

A weak WD setting in around the 2nd week of March for a colder HOli....??

Rajesh said...

sridhar; I have mentioned the next W.D. (M-1) coming in the last line of vagaries' 27th Feb blog..please refer to it..

Rainfall figures of MMR and nearby regions:

Past 12 hours rainfall in MMR and nearby region(9:30am-9:30pm) in mm:- 1.Ghansoli 189 2.Airoli 134 3.Juinagar 133 4.Ram Mandir 132 5.Khairna...