Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 Rain in Nagpur .(Check Vagaries' weekly forecast)..See pics sent by Akshay on Inter active Page.

Has GW come to a Halt..did it actually start ??
0.5c rise in 60 years...Really Scary, isn't it ??...Read more Here..

A quick glance at the Northern Hemisphere Snow Fall variations for the last 1 year, from Feb 2011 till Feb 2012 (till 10th.Feb). It is observed that the Winter period snowfall for the 2011-2012 season, snow has been above Normal from November till mid Dec, and then from mid Jan again. From mid Jan graph is not updated, but it is well above normal till mid Feb.
The point to stress is , last year, the snowfall ran well into spring till May. 

And this graph shows the Global temperatures till 2011. Observe the graph steading from 2000. And a fall in 2000.It shows a self explanatory comparison with the El-Nino and La-Nina Years.

Would you consider it alarming ? 
Alarming ? When we see the rise is only 0.5c in the last years !!!

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Rajesh said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Nimish and Mohan. Have a great Day and all the Best to You Both from Vagaries...


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