Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mumbai measured 108 mms at Colaba, and 76 mms at S'cruz in the 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm.

Season's total from 1st. June at Colaba now stands at 3004 mms, and 3075 mms at S'Cruz.


emkay said...

Returning home yest. night, though rains subsided, the amount of water discharging from hills nearby, it is assumed that Panvel got a very heavy precipitation yesterday, mid-noon onwards.

nt said...

The satellite picture of India shows a relatively rain free country. After a very long time. And should be, this is the last month of the South-West Monsoon and statistically the least rainiest of the 4 months

Mumbai is nice and bright and sunny (spoke like an Englishman). Good weather to go down and take a stroll during the lunch time. Never thought a true Mumbaikar like me will miss the Sun and the warm weather :-)

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