Friday, August 27, 2010

A brief progress report on yesterday's Forecast blog:

1. The Bay low has behaved and "obeyed" the NGP forecast put up in "vagaries". It is now, today, over land in the Orissa area. At 1002 mb, i would hardly call it a system, and is as good as over and out.

2.The 850 UAC mentioned in "vagaries" yesterday, a pulse from the system, is well on its way westwards. (Thai map).

3. The Northern and Southern areas, including the Metros, are clearing, and rains have decreased.

4. The west coast off shore trough has "livened" up. (as seen in morning's satellite image).

5. Now, if our schedule is adhered to, a low, or vortex is the next "happening" off the west coast (northern areas ), maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rajesh for accurate predictions :). Would low you are predicting for tomorrow bring rains in western parts of Maharashtra?

emkay said...

has the vortex already formed ? reports from Panvel of excessive heavy rains from 2 P.M. while South Mumbai bone dry !!

Anonymous said...

a lot of thunder around 3-3:30pm near chembur/deonar area...though lightning was hard to see but i did see lightning once...just the flash..but heavy rains for for an hour or so then about 5:30pm the sky clears up..what a day :D

Rajesh said...

Sorry for the late reply. I dont think western Mah. will get much rain , but a few thundershowers,in pockets these 2 days.

Rajesh said...

Northern regions of w>mah may get more though.

Srinagar Met office today, 23rd Jan... Video by Shri Vijay Bhatt.. Thanks to Shri Hosalikar J-3