Monday, August 02, 2010

The trailing end of the current system has left Guarat drenched, yet again.
Parts of Kutch (desert) and Jamnagar were the wettest spots in the state.
The figures for 24 hrs Monday morning are:
Jamnagar:Khambhalia 350 mms, Lalur 227 mms,Jamnagar 184 mms, Kalyanpur 139 mms, Jamjodhpur 125 mms, and Kalavad 113 mms.
Kutch: Abdasa 65 mms, Mandvi 64 mms (total 1087mms and normal 375 mms for Mandvi), Rapar 99 mms and Lakhpat 62 mms.
Rest Gujarat: Veraval 205 mms,Valsad 202 mms, Kodinar 173 mms,Becharaji 146 mms, Vansda 145 mms,Sutrapada 139 mms,Morbi 131 mms, Sanand 113 mms, Wadhvan 105 mms.
Plenty of stations recorded between 70-100 mms.

Monsoon axis is running thru Guarat/M.P. and into the bay region today. With the axis in the central region, some continuation of the current rains in the central region, and in Gujarat for another day could be expected. The UAC system over Gujarat should move west, reducing Gujarat rains from Tuesday.

From Tuesday, and overall reduction in rainfall would not be out of place. Regions of Gujarat, M.P, Konkan, Maharashtra, whole of Karnatak and the southern peninsula will see rainfall intensity decreasing. I would estimate the interiors of Maharashtra and Karnataka to have very scanty rains, initially, this week.Till ? For a couple of days. Untill we see the next system moving in around the 4th.Aug.and rain fall commencing from the east coast again, and moving inland.
With easterlies blowing above the axis in the nort, frequent rains, with heavy pockets would be in order in the U.P.plains and Delhi regions.

Mumbai, had around 105 mms of rain Saturday/Sunday. (estimated was 150 mms). Now, Monday's forecast remains, frequent showers, with around 30 mms, and a decrease in rains from Tuesday thru Thursday. So, this week, initially, will be less wet, with sunny intervals, and a breather to commuters.

Lakes rainfall total till July: Tansa: 1358 mms, Modak Sagar: 1307 mms, Bhatsa: 1715 mms, Upper Vaitarna: 1187 mms.
Lake levels are rising, and quantum wise the lakes are almost 90% full. But actual storage of useable water is 7.1 lmlitres, against a full storage of 13.0 lmlitres.


Anonymous said...

Will the new Low bring rains to Bengal , Jharkhand and Bihar ?

Rajesh said...

Which inform place you are writing from,to be exact ?
I personally feel, Bihar region will continue to have the existing rain pattern till the 6th. at least, say 5-7 mm/ day in scattered areas. Same with Jharkhand and plains of Bengal, scattered rains as is now, around 7-10 mms/day in patches. But for Jharkhand and W.Bengal, a possibility of increase in rains from 6th.,as the system moves inland.

Anonymous said...

with the low pressure due on 4th august,do u think the monsoon activity in mumbai would increase?Is there heavy rain expected in mumbai this week or will this move to northwest?
thanks for the lake update..surprising fact is even though bhatsa received the max rain,it still is about 20m below the overflow mark

Rajesh said...

For Mumbai readers, I try to always put up my estimate for the city, in blue colour. Even in the latest blog,this week's expectation for Mumbai has been put up.
Till Thursday it should be ok, after that maybe some increase. But I'll put it up as soon as things get clearer.

nt said...

Rajesh, the 'breather' mentioned by you in your current blog does not seem to hold true for Mumbai, it continues to pour in Mumbai (atleast in Santacruz, not sure about South Mumbai) as it has done for the past 50 odd days now. With the 'low' close to developing in the bay, I guess the respite will have to come some time next week (if at all)!!

It's dark and ominous currently here, as mentioned above it looks like it will be that way for some time.

Rajesh said...

nt,Yes, there was a heavy shower in south Mumbai at 12.15 pm. Did not last more than 10 minutes though.See,rains will be less than the 30 mms seen on Monday, as I mentioned. Passing showers will not persist too long. Non persistant rains of upto 20 mms/day sure is a"Breather for commuters" :)
Anyways, it "the vagaries of the weather":)
Its brightened up here in Sobo now @ 1.15 pm.

 Map by Vag. Tejas...Source "Mah. Water Respources Dept" 2nd august 2021