Saturday, August 07, 2010

The low, has literally "whizzed" past,and thru the central regions, and by saturday night, is already over south Rajasthan/Gujarat ! Surprised at its super speed.Yes, I did mention it will whizz thru, but that was supposed to reach Rajasthan as per my assumption by Sunday!

Overnite rains were particularly heavy in Marathwada. The chief amounts of heavy rains in the region as on Saturday morning in cms: Parbhani-17, Kinwat, Hingoli 16 each, ,Kalamnuri-15, Mahur-14, Bhokar, Audha-13 each, Sengaon-12, Nanded, Umari, Ardhapur-11 each, Bhadgaon, Basmat-9 each,
Yeola,Loha-7 each, Billoli-6, Kopargaon, Igatpuri, Nandgaon, Gaganbawda, Sillod, Kannad, Soegaon, Khandar, Ahmedpur-5 each,

Saturday daytime, was good, weather wise and rainfall wise for Marathwada and western Vidharbha regions. Rainfall throughout the day was fai
rly good, ranging from 20-50 mms in various cities.
But the day was super cool ! 7c below normal at 22c (day's max) at Aurangabad and Jalna. In Western Vidharbha too, it was cool at 21.9c in the day at Washim and Yeotmal was 22c. all almost 5-7c below. Shirdi was a pleasant 22.7c.

With the system moving fast, I see it going west into Pakistan by Sunday itself. And carrying alongwith it all its clouding. Now? Total decrease in rainfall in the rear of the system!
Regions which have benefited from this wet wave can now breathe a respite from rains, and regions, such as the southern peninsula areas, will remain in "status Quo". (sorry for repeating this term :))
Could even mean lesser rainfall in the already deficit hilly areas of Karnataka. I see a drier central and southern peninsula next week.
Personally seeing a low around the 13th. in the bay. But should be followed daily .

Mumbai got 2 mms of rain on Friday, the last of the "rest" day !
On Saturday, it has rained 37 mms during the day till 6 pm readings.But as i mentioned in yesterday's forecast, I do not see much in this system and would continue the same forecast for Sunday as yesterday's. Rain decreasing on Sunday with around 25 mms of rain.Monday thru wednesday will be days with little rainfall for Mumbai, with sunny intervals.

International Weather News:
This week's hottest temperature was 47.8c at Death Valley, California.
This week's coldest temperature was, minus 47.8c at Russia's Vostok Antarctic research station.
In Nicosia, Cyprus, the temperature of 45.6C, on the 1st. of August 2010, was the highest recorded since the beginning of last century, the second highest was 44.4C, recorded in Nicosia on August 8, 1956. The maximum temperature in Nicosia on Sunday was 8.4C higher than normal while minimum temperature reached 29C, 7C higher than normal.

A very interesting article by Mark on the current weather , rather extreme events around the globe.
As a partner blog, I have re-produced it here, as I feel its worth going thru.
Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

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nt said...

I want to pose a question to Rajesh and other readers of this blog.

What does it mean when IMD declares a 'Normal Monsoon'. E.g. very recently I read in one of the blogs that IMD says now the rain defecit is only 2%. How do they calculate this? E.g. if I had only two sub divisions and one had 200% rain and the other 0% will this be averaged out to 100% (and hence normal rain)?

Also, should we also not look at how the rainfall has come? E.g. if Mumbai recieves 2500 mm rain it will be declared as 100% of normal rain and hence a normal monsoon, but what happens if this rain falls by July end and then there is very scanty rain. As per IMD Mumbai will still remain normal but will have water woes (since the lakes would have lost a lot of water by September end)

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