Friday, August 27, 2010

Mumbai Lakes and Water position:

As on Wednesday, Modak Sagar, Tansa, Vihar and Tulsi lakes are full to the brim, and overflowing.
The 2 major lakes, Upper Vaitarna is 95% full, and Bhatsa is 90% full.

Against the full required storage capacity of all the lakes, which is 13.2 lmlitres, the overall storage of all the lakes combined is 11.01 lmlitres.That is 85%, storage.

Therefore calculating at the FULL supply to Mumbai, without cut, which is .035 lmlitres/day, we have today 314 days supply. That is as on today.
About 10 months, and enough to last till 25th. June.

Rainfall ( upto Thursday) at Colaba: 2681 mms (+1010)
S'Cruz: 2669 (+799).

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