Friday, May 03, 2024

Weekend weather forecast from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May:

Mumbai: "Normal" humid May summer returns to Mumbai region. Friday 3rd May will see max temperature of 33-34C. Nights will be around 24-25C. Slight temperature rise is expected over the weekend, with a max around 34-36C. Nights can warm up to 26C. 

Thane district interiors could see 36-38C max on Friday 3rd May and 38-41C max over the weekend.

Pune: Friday will see a max around 38C, but rising upto 39-40C over the weekend and into Monday. Nights/early mornings will be pleasant till Saturday with min around 21C, but rising to around 22-23C on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th.

Gujarat: Normal summer weather expected across the state. Days will be hot and dry with max temperature around 41C for most of Saurashtra, Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Bharuch areas. Parts of Saurashtra and Kutch may see some clouding on Friday/Saturday due to approaching Western Disturbance.

Coastal regions will see lower max around 34-36C due to sea breeze, but more humidity. Surat region will see max around 36C. 

Bangalore region, south interior Karnataka and interior Tamil Nadu will get thunderstorms during next 3-4 days. 

Heatwave conditions to persist in Kolkata and Gangetic West Bengal till Saturday, but chances of thunderstorms is increasing. So relief from the heat is likely. 

Himalayas to get rain/thunderstorms and snow (in high elevations) due to approaching Western Disturbance (WD).

WD effect to shift to eastern Himalayas from Sunday. Most northeastern states will receive thunderstorms during Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May. Parts of Assam can get heavy thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail.

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