Monday, May 13, 2024

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Thunder clouds developed and formed in the Eastern townships like Kalyan, Badlapur and Navi Mumbai on Monday afternoon.

In a sudden development, the thundery clouds drifted towards Mumbai, and due to the fierce intensity of the cloud, a strong "downdraft" roared downwards into the city and suburbs. The winds in gusts touched 60-70 kmph, like cyclonic winds.

Mumbai MMR Rainfall from Thunderstorm on 13-5-24

Vikhroli 60 mm
Kalwa 51
Powai 48
Aarey 45
Mulund 44
Badlapur 40
Mumbra 38
Andheri & Ghatkopar 36
Airoli 33
Karjat & Palava 32
Juhu & Diva 31
SCZ IMD & RamMandir 21
Kharghar 20
Thane 19
Shiv 15, Dombivli 12
Rainfall Compiled by Vag. Abhijit

Many parts of city were covered with dust due to the gales.

Few places in North, Eastern and Central Mumbai  got the pre monsoon showers as expected.

Prominent rains till 5 pm : Badlapur 40 mms, Airoli 30 mms, Kopri IITM 28 mms, Marol 11 mms, Virle Parle 7 mms, Vagaries club 6 mms

Badlapur witnessed cyclonic winds at 106 kmph due thundery clouds at a height of 18kms..( 55000 feet)!

Mumbai rains in colour code as on 8.30 pm

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