Wednesday, May 15, 2024

 Posted 15th May...

The "Climate Change" Theory...As Prophesized..👇

Actual happening..👇

Seen Below, the temperature anomaly for the whole Month of April 2024  (In India) was in the " Green/Light Green/White Shade. That is upto 2c below Normal. The SE Coast is " Yellow" , around 2c above normal...NO Heat wave  !

The Overall 2024 till 15th May is shown below...Similar Shade applies to this Image below..👇

Was it really the worst Heat in April/May 2024 ? 2022 was Hotter !

Lets compare with last few Aprils: 2023


Mumbai grumbles as seeing the "Hottest April" in 2024...Really ?👇See the "Average Red Line "

Mumbai has witnessed Dusty winds and "Downdrafts" from towering Thunder Heads in the past also...Lets not put too many " Unusual" theories on this ..



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