Tuesday, May 28, 2024

28th May Post

India Today
Rainfall in Cherrapunji from Cyclone Remal..589 mms !
India Today 
Hottest in Maharashtra Today: Brahamapuri at 45.2
Coolest day : Mahabaleshwar at 26.8°

Mumbai Scruz 👇

Monsoon Watch...

Kerala seeing persistent rains. But South West winds are absent, and not seen at upper levels too.

Kerala rain pattern may become more convective in nature...with weak easterly steering for most parts over next 3 days.

Westerly flow sets in from the South and the shear zone starts moving North.

With other criteria for Monsoon ready,  maybe Monsoon in Kerala by 2nd June ?

South interior peninsula to see TS due to absence of strong westerlies in mid-levels

Mumbai will have another warm night, and sweaty conditions. Relief from 3rd June as pre monsoon rains expected. 

Pune: Days and nights around 36/37°.Pre monsoon thunder showers relief from 3rd June.

Interior Maharashtra and Konkan can get pre monsoon showers from 3rd June.

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shiekhz said...

Sir moisture is increasing over sindh during first week of June what's the reason?

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