Sunday, May 12, 2024

Posted 12th Night;


On 11th & 12th May, Pre Monsoon Thundershowers in the State keep the Day & Night temperatures in the "Normal" levels.. Preventing any "Heat Wave" conditions👇

Tolerable days on 12th: Pune 31.4c ( -6c), Nagpur 38.1c ( -5c), Gondia 38.8c ( -4c), Satara 33.4c ( -4c), Aurangabad  35.6c ( -4c), Mahabaleshwar 27.6c (- 3c), Nasik 34.1c ( -3c),

Sprcial IMD Bulletin 👇

With the pre monsoon showers continuing in the Interiors,
13th/14th/15th May, we expect a similar trend , with no excess heat in Madhya Maharashtra ..with Vidharbh.
Rise again after 16th May.

Expect heavy rains in Goa and South Konkan. Moderate thundershowers in patches in North Konkan.

Mumbai: 13th/14th/15th: Partly cloudy , with light rain expected in some parts of city. Around 34/35c,with moderate humidity, weather could be sweaty.
16th/17th: Mumbai can expect a rise in the day of around 2c.

Pune: 13th/14th/15th: Expect some afternoon/Evening thundershowers. Days may feel less hot at around 34/35c. Nights pleasant around 20c.
16th/17th: A rise in day temperatures by 3/4c.

Aurangabad: Expect some thundershowers on 13th/14th and 15th. Hotter days after the 16th.

Bharuch ( Gujarat) may get a light shower on 13th or 14th. The current day temperatures are 39c, but may rise to 42c by 17th. 

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