Wednesday, May 01, 2024

 1st May

April weather facts 

Heat ! Heat ! Why always highlights on only the Heat...many regions in the North and NW plains are getting pleasantly better weather...see weather without impartiality

Amritsar 👉



Nilang said...

Eagerly waiting for Monsoon Watch 3.

sset said...

Andhra boiling...
As usual India hottest driest places southeast India
Nellore 47c
Tirupati 46c

sset said...

In the past 5 years heat waves are decreasing over gujarat Rajasthan with more excess rains but heat waves increasing over southern India with droughts.
Is it because of strong western disturbances???

21st May  *Seasonal Low Pressure forming in South Bay of Bengal on 22nd. *Will pull up the South West Monsoon into the Andamans.  *System wi...