Sunday, April 30, 2023

 30th Refresh

Not unique, but rare...

This current b2b series of WDs is not a common occurrence for end April/early May. And specially with the  200/250 level trough dipping south to Gujarat and Maharashtra ( and Kutch) is a bit out of tune.

I recall same in 1990 and 1970 ...if my records and memories are correct. My 2014 clipping 

Normal for second half of April early May is showers through LWDs for interior peninsula. LWDs assist and required to build up a fulcrum for the "Seasonal Low"

So the fulcrum is struggling today.

Good hope for change in WD course is the Bay Low coming in around 5th May.

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sridu said...

wow Rajesh .. the records you maintain from 1970 and 1990.. awesome..

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