Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Outlook till Friday 21st April: 

Heatwave to persist in West Bengal till 21st.. After which  thunderstorms are expected. 

Seasonal pre-monsoon thunderstorms, locally called 'Kalbaisakhis' are likely across West Bengal and Odisha mainly towards the end of the week around Friday 21st onwards.

Heat and temperatures exceeding 40c temperatures likely in Vidharbh and Chattisgarh also.
Some Thundershowers i Vidharbh on 20th.

No heatwave is expected for Northwest India for next 4-5 days.

Moderate to strong WD to impact North India.

Dust storms followed by thunderstorms with chance of hails in parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi NCR, west UP for next 2-3 days.
Himalayan regions to get rain/thunderstorms with snow in high elevations. 


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