Saturday, April 30, 2022

Jacobabad (Pakistan) Hottest Place today in the world..touched 49c.

India Top 10 on 30th

Outlook for Next Week...Posted 30th April..Evening

Slight Relief Expected in North India from the current Heatwave...

Delhi: The Last 8 days....well above 41c and peaking at 44c...

3rd May - 8th May

With the expectation of dust Storms and some rain, Delhi can get relief from 3rd May...maybe till 8th May..😮...Days could be around 39c-41c.

 Compare the Expected map (Below this map) with the Current..the Orange (42-45c) area contracts

maps IMD

2nd May - 7th May

Vidharbh and Marathwada will remain in the 43-45c Range.

Mumbai: Next week , Cannot expect Mumbai to get less hot , taking the current range of days around 34/35c. At the most 33/34c, but humid it will remain. With a good sea breeze, nights might improve to 26c from the current 28c. But sweat and stuffiness remains in this coastal metro-city.

Pune: Next Week, A stray thundershower in some parts might cool down the area, but expect around 38/39c  next week.

Gujarat: Next Week.

Ahmedabad/Baroda/Rajkot reimaging hot around 41-43c...But Surat and coastal Gujarat will be moderate at 35-37c.

Bharuch will be around 40-41c.

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