Saturday, April 16, 2022

 Water Situation & Outlook for Maharashtra: 16th April 2022

The Month of March has seen unusual and extreme heat in Maharashtra...specially longer periods of time, rather than high record temperatures. This has depleted and reduced the soil moisture required for proper commencement of farming in June.

The Map below shows the Satellite Image of Soil Moisture prevailing and change expected (Maharashtra).


The Pre Monsoon Rainfall was also less in the State:


But this typical and somewhat expected in April..

Now, let us see the actual water reservoir level .Credit Maharashtra Water Resources Dept

  • 23,550,320 million litres
    Maharashtra State. At 58.4% of its full capacity of 40,604,000 million litres, compared to 48% at the same time last year. The state has 141 major dams and 3267 dams and irrigation projects in all.

Overall better than Last year. With proper and systematic Water management, and with favourable weather conditions, the water position in state may not get into serious shortfall by the time the Monsoons arrive.

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Momin Photographics Udupi said...

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