Thursday, April 14, 2022

14th April...

Wow😲... Hottest place in the World today... In Niger.. 52.2°c !! 

Seems Dubious
And In India... Akola back on top 

An Unusual UAC creeps into the Arabian Sea.. And the Usual High forms in the North Arabian Sea.

Outlook for Weekend 15th - 18th April:

Mumbai: Weekend  will be Partly Hazy/Cloudy. days around 34/35c...Hot and humid...Sweaty conditions with average Humidity @ 65%..the real feel in the day will be 38c. Diurnal range is small, hence even nights at 26/27c will be uncomfortable.

Pune: Partly cloudy by afternoon with hot temperatures in the day around 38/40c...Humidity around 40% will make real feel in the afternoon peak around 38c. Due to big diurnal range, nights will be better at 22/24c.

High UV Index at 11..Take precaution from extreme Sun.

(In meteorology, diurnal temperature variation is the variation between a high air temperature and a low temperature that occurs during the same day.).

Mahablashwar: Hot for the station in the day at 31/32c...partly cloudy by evening. Nights reasonably better at 21/22c.

Aurangabad: expected to be hot at 41/43c. Humidity very low around25 %,so dry .UV Index high at 11..Take precautions in extreme sun.

औरंगाबाद: ४१/४३ अंश तापमानात उष्णतेचा अंदाज. 25% च्या आसपास आर्द्रता खूपच कमी, त्यामुळे कोरडे .UV निर्देशांक 11 वर उच्च..अत्यंत उन्हात काळजी घ्या.

Surat will be Hot and dry with day around 39c...while 
Bharuch will be around 40/41c. Bharuch UV Index expected to be 11, so due care needs to be taken in extreme Sun.

Delhi NCR:Hot and hazy. Around 40c.


Rawat said...

Hottest temp of 52.2°c looks suspicious temp at 15UTC was 40.5°c and then at 18UTC was 36.8 usually max recorded between these time and was also partially cloudy may be it was 42.2°c

Rajesh said...

yes Rawat, seems dubiuos,,,removing it.

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