Monday, April 04, 2022

Outlook for the Week 5th - 8th April. 

Mumbai:With periods of ☀️ sun shine. Hot and sultry with temperatures around 33° in the day ( Real feel 37°).

UV Index will be high at 11..need to take protection if exposed. 

Graphic courtesy Freemeteo

FYI: Hottest ever in April ( Mum. Scruz) was 42.2° on 14th/1952

Pune: Sunny day getting  partially ⛅ cloudy by noon. But very hot day at 37/39°. Real feel 38/39 °.

Graphics courtesy Freemeteo. 

Chance of thunderstorm scarce. 

UVIndex high at 12..need to take precaution if exposed. 

FYI: Hottest ever in April ( Pune) was 43.3° on 30th/1897


Ranjith Gowda said...

Do you have Mawsynram rainfall data for last 24 hours ending at today morning 08:30?

Rajesh said...

Mawsynram 240 mms as on Monday morning

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