Monday, April 25, 2022

Posted 25th Afternoon:

Summer heat to intensify over the country, close to peak summer heat expected!!  

Outlook for the remaining days of April 25th -29th::

With no major Western Disturbance expected in the remaining days of April, the weather is likely to turn extremely hot and dry over northwest India and adjoining Pakistan. Temperatures in the Thar desert towns would hover around 45C, with some places touching 47-48C. Hot and dry winds - 'Loo' like conditions possible in some areas. 

Northwest Indian regions of Punjab, Haryana as well as the Delhi NCR would see daytime temperatures around 42C, with some places touching 43-44C. 

Most of Maharashtra would see hot and dry weather, with Konkan coast being humid. Some patchy thundershowers likely over south Madhya Maharashtra and adjoining south Konkan. 

Summary of max temperature forecast in the subdivisions in Maharashtra:

Coastal Konkan (Including Mumbai): Max around 35-36c, slightly delayed setting in of sea breeze in North Konkan. Very Humid.

Nights around 25-26c.

Interior Konkan: Hot daytime with max around 40c, some parts may see 42-43c further away from the coast towards Ghats. 

Madhya Maharashtra (Pune/Nasik): Hot and dry, max around 38-41c range. Nights around 22 - 24c.

Marathwada: Very hot and dry, max around 42-44c. 

Vidarbha: Extremely hot and dry, max around 44-46c. Warm Nights around 26-28c.

Gujarat: Overall All regions Day to Heat up by 2-3c from this levels of 24th..                                                                                 ↲  

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Rajesh sir, will this hot temparature benifit early monsoon arrival?

  Posted 13th Night: Outlook for Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th: An off shore trough along the West Coast is expected to bring good rainfall ...