Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Maharashtra's Top 11 Stations Seasonal Rainfall with Ghat sections, Mumbai surroundings & lakes seasonal maps

Maharashtra Rainfall Toppers from 01-06-2019 to ending till 8.30 am on 31-07-2019
in mms

1. Tamhini, Mulshi - 4230
2. Patharpunj, Patan - 4102
3. Shirgaon, Mulshi - 3990
4. Amboli, Sawantwadi - 3875
5. Ambone, Mulshi – 3870
6. Davdi, Mulshi - 3781
7. Navaja, Patan – 3773
8. Mahabaleshwar – 3722
9. Dongarwadi, Mulshi – 3640
10. Jor, Wai - 3567
11. Matheran, Karjat - 3548

Top 11 list Compilation by Abhijit

Maharashtra's Western Ghat Seasonal Rainfall Map below

Mumbai MMR seasonal Rainfall map below

Mumbai's MMR region water supplying lakes area seasonal rainfall with live water storage map below

All above three maps made by Tejas & it's data compiled by Abhijit with Lakes input courtesy Richa Pinto TOI


Cumulus arjun said...

Panvel has received fantastic rains this July. Total 1988 mm for panvel this July.

sset said...

Very good representation. Mumbai lakes are almost racing towards 100% that too with delayed monsoon and just 2 months duration.
Entire south India is in deficit state- no water in Cauvery - Kodagu catchments no rains. Repeat of 2016 drought for South India?
Going forward only Maharashtra will be reliable supplier of water -Krishna/Godavari originates in Maharastra has to feed for all southern states AP,TN,KAR,KER. Last 5 years trend shows extreme rains for Maharashtra but scanty rains for southern India + NEM failures.
Mysore,Chamrajnager just 90mm since june.

sset said...

Gujarat floods.... extreme rains 300-400mm at multiple places....
When will south see such rains?

Hope GUJ/RAJ bloggers are happy now

Saurabh said...

We are happy but we are also very confused.
Extreme rains at multiple places in Gujarat .. 300 -400 mm. Frequent 3 digit rains. Floods.

As per IMD as of today morning the rainfall in Gujarat is 27% below normal.
Refer to this link\Rainfall_Maps\Cumulative\State_Rainfall_Map\STATE_RAINFALL_MAP_COUNTRY_INDIA_cd.JPG&landingpage=landing

These IMD fellows, they dont even know how to measure rain fall or maybe they dont know how to make rainfall maps.
Really sad.

Deepak said...

Gujrat is raining heavily since last 24 he's some of the models suggest that extremely heavy rain fall for Mumbai in this weekend
Sir ur views on the same

Aks said...

Rajesh sir, as the blog owner & moderator you may need to censor certain comments that are incorrect. Even after IMD claiming Chennai rains are in excess, a blogger says its drought. Yes the rainfall in south has been below normal, however even Guj Raj are not above normal as depicted by him. Spreading wrong info is an offence.

Clerean Pereira said...

There's a lot of scare going on the upcoming Low in the Bay of Bengal. ECMWF model states Depression and more rain in Mumbai but GFS says only a low pressure area but doesn't state more rain.
I'm scared as it should not lead to flood.

sandy said...
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