Friday, July 26, 2019

Posted Friday Afternoon: 
Estimate for Friday 26th/Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th:

1, Low pressure area to form on Saturday in North Bay. Monsoon Axis shifts Southwards towards normal position.
2. Friday Saturday: Heavy rains in East Rajasthan and West M.P,  Haryana  and Delhi.
Delhi: Heavy showers on Saturday. 

Good rains in Vidharbh also.

Sunday: Heavy rain in North Gujarat and moderate in Saurashtra,

Konkan and Coastal Karnataka gets heavy rains on Friday thru Sunday.

South East Sindh will get cloudy and light drizzles till Sunday. 
Karachi and Southern Sindh can get some moderate showers on Monday 29th.

Aurangabad: Light rains on Saturday, with showers increasing on sunday, with heavy showers in Eastern parts of Aurangabad ( Shendre, Jalna).

Kolkata : Thunder showers of moderate to heavy intensity in parts on Saturday and Sunday

Friday,Saturday and Sunday:

Frequent and regular showers, heavy with occasional thunder, with rains intensity increasing on Saturday. Strong gusty winds.
Average 70-90 mms per day on Saturday and Sunday.

Lakes supplying water to Mumbai will get good rains 60-90 mms on Saturday and Sunday.

Pune : Fairly good showers on Friday...Weekend cloudy with moderate showers in parts of city upto 5-7 mms. Monday increasing to 10-15 mms


Nilesh Ladhad said...

What about Valsad sir?

Rajesh said...

Heavy frequent showers for roha and nagothane regions on Saturday and Sunday. Weekend rains crossing 150mms

shiekhz said...

Thats great, thanks sir...

Abizer kachwala said...

Thanks sir for forecasting regarding Nagothane and Roha region

sset said...

Torrential non-stop flooding rains over Navi Mumbai - Looks like dump of 200-300mm....

sset said...

When will rains stop over Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Thane ?? We need break monsoon + sun shine.

Cauvery river no water = KRS dam almost empty.

What will happen if NEM completely disappears (which already has)
a. Tamil Nadu, Southern Andhra Pradesh (Rayalseema,Chittor, Kadpa) will become deserts (which is already in process). South east Karnataka will be nearly desert.

b. People will start moving away from above areas. Chennai city will no longer exist

c. Slowly Bangalore/Mysore will be become same.

sset said...

Not sure why - regarding amount of rain - Rajesh Sir forecast lesser amount but actual Mumbai Konkan rains are falling 10 times projected amount.

sset said...

Sea off Konkan Mumbai/Gujarat coast north Arabian sea -> always hosts vortex, UAC -> what geographical features contribute for this? Is it intersection point for lows from Bay and Arabian sea which get trapped? Is it horizontal coast of Gujarat which traps low gradients? or a mysterious stuff like Bermuda Triangle?

sset said...

Abhijit Modak (vagaries great contributes) highly appreciated in kea blogs...Every one is baffled by Mumbai Konkan rains since june.. TN/AP never rains!

What is forecast for august. At this rate all stations would have easily crossed 2000mm.

Some of news says Lonavala Khandala - 400mm, Badlapur 500mm in 24hrs -> repeat 26 July 2005 !

Aks said...

Rajesh Sir pls don’t publish comments with wrong information about rainfall in south stated. As per your map it’s very clear that Gujarat has the highest deficit till date. But one blogger continuously staying in denial for rainfall in south. Publishing wrong comments is not required for a reputed blogs like Vagaries. Gujarat requires extremely heavy rainfall in remaining days of July to come in normal category. While I write this rains in Mumbai has subsided as compared to yesterday.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Hi Aks

Please note that Rajesh Sir and other vagaries on this blog publish authentic and accurate data to the best of their knowledge.

That some people use that data to paint the wrong picture is not the Vagaries fault.

I would suggest you to not give much weightage to what is said in comments section of the blog.

The Vagaries publishes only facts and not opinions
Have a good day !!

selva_kumar said...
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