Thursday, July 04, 2019

Posted 4th July Afternoon:

The Well Marked Low, Monsoon Trough and 3 days Forecast is given in the Diagram Map below:

Good rains expected along the Path of the Low, with initial good rains in Eastern Gujarat, North M.P. Western U.P... and Eastern /South Rajasthan.

South West Monsoon expected to move into Delhi by 6th July.

After a wet weekend upto Monday, the City had a Breather on Wednesday....just 4 mms at Scruz and 10 mms at Colaba. 
In the wet spell from June 28th -2nd July, Scruz recorded 795 mms of rainfall ( July avg 850 mms).. With 375 mms in one day (24 hrs till 2nd Morning).
The seasons total is 1021mms at Scruz and 634 mms at Colaba.
Total Water Storage in Lakes is today at 1.739 Mcum ( 14.47  Full) that is 12% .
Thursday: Intermittent showers, some heavy...between 35-55 mms rain . Bright periods possible.
Friday: Slightly increase to frequent showers around 40-60 mms.  No cause for Flooding.
Saturday, again intermittent showers .

Pune Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Passing light to moderate showers. Upto 10-15 mms per day. Max temperature around 28c.


shiekhz said...

Sir anything for sindh? By south gujarat UAC?

Rajesh said...

Shiekhz: Light rains expected next 3/4 days along coastal sindh. Light rain also may occur in Karachi.

shiekhz said...

Load of thanx sir..

Tyrone said...

It would be nice if you also included Karachi Sindh of a matter of fact Pakistan, in your shaded areas for rain as many follow your blog from here.



Deepak said...

Rakesh sir is their any low Comming up in bay

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, could you please let us know the prospect of rain for North Gujarat in the coming period of few weeks?


Deepak said...

Rajesh sir is there any system developingin bay Aur Arabian sea

Kashifghanikhan said...

Why it's not raining in Karachi ? When monsoon is expected to come in Karachi and surrounding

emkay said...

IMD puts out heavy to very heavy warning for North Konkan including Mumbai (for next 3 days).

Weather outlook from Saturday 18th to Wednesday 22nd May - * Heatwave for north, *rains for south, *monsoon over the Indian waters! As menti...