Sunday, July 07, 2019

Maharashtra's Ghat section records first 300 mms rainfall spell of the season

MH Western Ghats region Rainfall Map below with Koyna basin seeing highest rain of all

Heavy Rain lashed interior N. Kokan, Rainfall Map below of Mumbai MMR in North Kokan division

Mumbai Lakes situated in N.Int Kokan region was lashed by much needed heavy Rains! 

Rainfall in Cms for last 24 hrs ending 8.30 am today:-

Bhatsa 20
Vaitarana 19
MiddleVaitrana 16
Tansa 15
UpperVaitrana 12
Tulsi 11
Vihar 5

Above Maps by Vagarian Tejas Baxi  & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit Modak


sset said...

Persistent cyclonic circulation over south Gujarat is giving torrential rains 200-300mm. Circulation is persisting since many days. South GUJ and North MAHA seas are always sweet spots for any cyclones,lows,UAC,depressions. Why is this so??

Hope just circulation develop over TN/AP.

Deepak said...

Heavy rain in mumbai since morning what is the reason behind this and how long it will become

Nimish Thaker said...

Incredible rains in Santacruz - Juhu - Andheri area since 8:00 AM, the current rain rate at 11:15 AM in Andheri West is very intense. I think, if it continues for 1 more hour it will lead to flooding in this parts of Mumbai. Didn't see any warnings on this at all, totally taken by surprise by these rains. I have asked this multiple times on the forum, don't understand what's causing such heavy rain spells in and around Mumbai. This is really turning out to be a season of woes for Mumbai - and it's only been 12 days!!!

Rajesh said...

See snippets please

emkay said...

Call it divine or nature's prowess, but see how the rainfall this year is unusually concentrated in the catchment areas. Beyond scientific explanation.

Aks said...

I hope the govt builds some way to channelize natural rain water to reach dams, lakes, rivers, etc in parched interiors (this may mean diverting flow of water). The other day I read that on 1/2 July BMC flushed out rainwater equal to total water storage capacity of Tulsi & Vihar lakes into sea. What a waste of clean pure natural water!!! The catchment areas & parched interiors should also be the real beneficiaries of Rains!!!

Nimish Thaker said...

Rainfall has tapered down at Andheri West since 1:00 PM, its overcast but hasn't rained since then. Hopefully we will get some respite from this mayhem.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Thnaks Rajesh sir for almost real time updates by giving your forecast in latest snippets at the blog. very informative and the only relaible real time source for mumbaikars.

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