Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Posted Wednesday 19th September Night:

The system, BB-11, now  a well marked low, estimated at 17.5N and 87.9E, East of Vizag. Estimated core pressure is 998 mb and estimated winds at 25-30 knts in the Southern segment of the system BB-11.

Due low resistance, it will develop into a Depression and proceed to a Deep Depression stage by 21st. Around 21st morning, BB-11 will cross the Odisha Coast.

Heavy rains likely in Odisha and Northern A.P. next two days.

The system will be short lived and will fizzle out into a Low within 24 hrs. Low will travel W/NW into Chattisgarh and East M.P.

An UAC will ultimately fizzle out over North M.P.

Heavy rains likely in M.P. on Friday and Saturday. 

Delhi :Heavy and occasional showers on Saturday/Sunday.Increase in weekend rain intensity.

Jabalpur; Showers and windy Friday.

Mumbai: Occasional Showers in the city on Thursday (10-20 mms) and Friday (15-25 mms). Rainfall increasing on Saturday and Sunday.

Thunder Showers will be prevalent in interior Maharashtra's Madhya Mah.regions from Friday thru next 8 days.

Satellite images of OLR and UTH and upper winds indicate the withdrawal of the South West Monsoon from West Rajasthan and Kutch and  Southern/Central Sindh.


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Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir, when d'you expect the Monsoon to withdraw from Delhi-NCR?

sset said...

Orissa for extreme torrential rains. Cyclone to hit Orissa?

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution