Thursday, September 27, 2018

Some rainfall amounts as of 27th morning: Minicoy (Ldweep) 73 mms , Mangalore (Kar) 42 mms,Ratnagiri (Mah) 57 mms, Kolhapur (Mah) 40 mms, Sangli ( Mah) 24 mms, Harnai (Mah) 23 mms.
Bangalore City 32 mms. Crosses the September normal rain amount of 222 mms..


Nimish Thaker said...

As of 4:30 PM, as per Doppler radar massive TS are happening South and East of Mumbai. Around Roha, cloud tops are touching 18 KMs in height!! Also, the precipitation is being shown as 60 mms per hour in some places!! That is huge.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir, what are your thoughts on this:
Will it be strong enough to affect Pakistan and NW India as a westerly wave, in the coming days?

VISHWAS said...

No rain in santacruz thunder n lighting only

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution