Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Extreme Rains in Kerala in last 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 15.08.2018
in mm (min 150)

Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode - 410
Lower Periyar (Pambla), Idukki - 305 
Kakki Dam, Pathanamthitta - 295
Pookot, Wayanad - 279
Idukki Dam, Idukki - 235
Madupatty, Idukki - 232
Neeriamangalam, Idukki - 219
Karipur, Malappuram - 210
Kozhikode, Kozhikode - 197
Ponmudi, Idukki - 195
Neeleswaram, Eranakulam - 180
Idamalayar, Ernakulam - 173
Thariode, Wayanad - 162
Lower Sholayar, Thrissur - 160
Bansurasagar Dam, Wayanad - 158
Erimayaur, Palakkad - 158

Thanks PJ

Posted 14th August Evening:

After the passage of BB-6, we see BB-7 making progress and heading inland from the Odisha Coast. On 15th August, BB-7 should cross the coast as a Depression and move West/North-West. This track will be aided as the Monsoon Axis is shifting Southwards now.
And that's Good news for Central and Western India. 
Heavy rains in Odisha on 15th will shift Westwards on 17th towards Chattisgarh and East M.P. 
Heavy showers expected in Jabalpur on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th.

By Thursday 18th, we can the system bringing rains to Vidharbh and all of M.P. ...and the  regions of Gujarat (Saurashtra & Gujarat ) will see rains on Friday, or maybe earlier if the system moves fast.

Surat & Bharuch will see increased rains from Thursday, Friday/Saturday measuring 15-25 mms/day.
Valsad will see increasing rainfall from Thursday, going to 50 mms/day on the weekend.

System will be very weak by the time it reaches Sindh as a UAC. Light rains in Karachi and Sindh on Saturday/Sunday. 
BB-8 also expected in 2/3 days...so lets see the complicated developments !

Kerala and Coastal Karnataka will continue to get heavy rains till 17th, and decrease then.

Mumbai: After a dull spell by Mumbai standards, rainfall to increase from 16th Thursday. Thursday/Friday will see frequent showers maybe bringing around 50 mms/day in some parts. As of now, it seems more rains with heavy downpours on Saturday.
Pune: Already enjoying pleasant weather with the days around 25/26c, will continue with this weather range of 26c and 21/22c this week throughout. Rains upto 10 mms/day.

Delhi NCR: This week, few passing showers and light rains.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Nice to know two systems back to back. Great news for mumbai too.

Nandan said...

Plz rain precipitation sabarkantha Gujarat ?

shiekhz said...

So no recovery for karaxhi... worst monsoon :(

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir, I know its a tad early to speculate about this, but what are your thoughts regarding the withdrawal of Monsoon from NW India? Would it be on schedule this year, or is it gonna be delayed like its been in the past few years?

sset said...
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sset said...

My relatives in Anantapur Rayalseema say water scarcity is bad due to complete absence of rain over south andhra. seems drought to hit rayalseema unless NEM does not fail.

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, wondering what's causing so much of continuous heavy rain in Kerala.. There doesn't seem to be much of rain causing system over Kerala

Evewrest said...

In the past 5-6 years that I've been looking at rainfall figures, I've never come across the whole state of Kerala having more than 100mm of rain in a single day. The highest single day rainfall figure I remember from the previous 6 years was in Aug 2013 of about 79mm. Already in the past one month we've had 2 days with higher rainfall than that. Almost 128mm for the whole state in a single day is just staggering. Usually its the northern 4 districts that get more than 100mm and the remaining get less. Occasionally Idukki and surroundings can get more than 100mm. But 100mm across the length of the state is just something else.

sset said...

IMD issues red alert for Maharashtra - Mumbai for extreme rains, Gujarat also to get extreme rains. present Kerala rains are Maharashtra konkan style rains assured dump of 300-400mm in 24hrs on multiple continuous days. Problem is Kerala is not used to this kind of torrential rains and floods (badly hit state unawares - sad to see this with people in trouble). But with states like Maharashtra,Gujarat,MP,Orissa are used to this kind of extreme floods every year. Kerala had 3 years of continuous drought but current year 2018 ensured 'UAC' dump more rains. Mumbai gets extreme rains - 2005 was 1000mm (record breaking) in 24 hrs. Kerala 2018 is opposite of kerala 2016 (not a single system or 3 digit rain)

Rajesh said...

Ishan : Early to say, but seems Monsoon may be slightly delayed by around 8 days in withdrawal.

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...