Friday, August 31, 2018

Maharashtra's Top 11 Stations Seasonal Rainfall with Ghat sections, Mumbai surroundings & lakes seasonal maps

Maharashtra Rainfall Toppers from 01-06-2018 to ending till 8.30 am on 31-08-2018
in mms

1. Lamaj, Mahabaleshwar - 7272
2. Shirgaon, Mulshi - 7150
3. Tamhini, Mulshi - 7090
4. Kitwade, Aajra - 7005
5. Davdi, Mulshi - 6820
6. Amboli, Sawantwadi - 6472
7. Tapola, Mahabaleshwar - 6013
8. Mahabaleshwar - 5799
9. Ambone, Mulshi - 5720
10. Revachiwadi, Gaganbawda - 5663
11. Dajipur, Radhanagari - 5649

Top 11 list compilation by Abhijit & Shivkumar

Maharashtra's Western Ghats Seasonal Rainfall Map below

Mumbai MMR Seasonal Rainfall Map below

Mumbai's water supplying lakes area rainfall map below with overall live storage is above 95%

All above three maps made by Tejas & it's data compiled by Abhijit with lakes input courtesy Richa Pinto TOI


sset said...

It is highly likely that Maharashtra may again be topper 4th successive time. Southern India is quiet now specially coastal KAR, so by September end Ghat areas of MAHA can easily overtake coastal KAR toppers.

SWM east monsoon must withdraw early for any rains to happen over South east India. My place Rayalseema (Anatapur, Cuddapah, Chittor) has not received any rains. Infact in Anantapur it has rained only 50mm ! Rayalseema has become like Atacama desert.

sset said...

Navi Mumbai increasing heavy rains!

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