Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mumbai SCZ seasonal rainfall on 1997 mms till 5.30pm today. So more 3 mms away from 2000 mm mark ! 
Also remember SCZ was on 1903 mm on 21 July 2018 itself, so till 21 July situation was of fastest 2000 mm on card as was just 97 mm away & 10 days were in hand but that didn't happen !! 
And now instead, we are seeing one of the slowest 100 mm !! So it's called as Vagaries of Weather !! As it will be taking long 23 days to score 100 mms !! 
Meaning if by tomorrow SCZ seasonal total crosses 2003 mm mark then it can be said that for scoring 100 mms it taken long 23 days !

BB-7 will be forming by 13/14th of August in the North-West Bay of Bengal.

Under the influence of UAC over north coastal Odisha & same tilting with height in south-west wards, Telangana was lashed with heavy rains!!

Some rainfall in cm ending 8.30am on 12-08-18 from Telangana(above 7cm): 

Luxettipet (dist Mancherial) 27, Ramgundam (dist Peddapalle) 27, Utnur (dist
Adilabad) 25, Venkatapuram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 25, Venkatapur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 23,
Dharmapuri (dist Jagtial) 21, Julapalle (dist Peddapalle) 20, Mulug (dist J. Bhupalpally) 19,
Manthani (dist Peddapalle) 19, Mancherial (dist Mancherial) 19, Sultanabad (dist Peddapalle) 18,
Govindaraopet (dist J. Bhupalpally) 17, Pinapaka (dist B. Kothagudem) 16, Adilabad (dist
Adilabad) 15, Bhupalpalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 15, Pegadapalle (dist Jagtial) 14, Shayampet (dist
Warangal_rural) 14, Khanpur (dist Nirmal) 14, Mogullapalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 14,
Karimnagar (dist Karimnagar) 14, Parkal (dist Warangal_rural) 13, Gundala (dist B.
Kothagudem) 13, Chennur (dist Mancherial) 13, Nallabelly (dist Warangal_rural) 13,
Gangadhara (dist Karimnagar) 12, Kaleswaram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 12, Thimmapur (dist
Karimnagar) 12, Jagtial (dist Jagtial) 12, Navipet (dist Nizamabad) 12, Huzurabad (dist
Karimnagar) 12, Mallial (dist Jagtial) 12, Manuguru (dist B. Kothagudem) 11, Mudhole (dist
Nirmal) 11, Ibrahimpatnam (dist Rangareddy) 11, Yellandu (dist B. Kothagudem) 11, Mortad
(dist Nizamabad) 11, Atmakurwrgl (dist Warangal_rural) 11, Nandipet (dist Nizamabad) 11,
Tandur (dist Vikarabad) 11, Kammar Palle (dist Nizamabad) 11, Sarangapur (dist Jagtial) 11,
Nirmal (dist Nirmal) 11, Tekulapalle (dist B. Kothagudem) 11, Balkonda (dist Nizamabad) 11,
Boath (dist Adilabad) 10, Gudurwrgl (dist Mahabubabad) 10, Armur (dist Nizamabad) 10,
Bheemgal (dist Nizamabad) 10, Nizamabad (dist Nizamabad) 10, Velpur (dist Nizamabad) 10,
Hanamkonda (dist Warangal_urban) 9, Eturnagaram (dist J. Bhupalpally) 9, Bodhan (dist
Nizamabad) 9, Dich Palle (dist Nizamabad) 9, Metpalle (dist Jagtial) 9, Dummugudem (dist B.
Kothagudem) 9, Khanapur (dist Warangal_rural) 9, Yeda Palle (dist Nizamabad) 9, Bomraspeta
(dist Vikarabad) 9, Bejjanki (dist Siddipet) 8, Varni (dist Nizamabad) 8, Sirsilla (dist Rajanna
Sircilla) 8, Narsampet (dist Warangal_rural) 8, Shriramsag.pocha (dist Nirmal) 8, Ranjal (dist
Nizamabad) 8, Chandrugonda (dist B. Kothagudem) 8, Perur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, Makloor
(dist Nizamabad) 8, Bheemadevarpalle (dist Karimnagar) 8, Doma (dist Vikarabad) 8, Bayyaram
(dist Mahabubabad) 8, Aswapuram (dist B. Kothagudem) 7, Kondurg (dist Mahabubnagar) 7,
Dharmasagar (dist Warangal_urban) 7, Yellareddy (dist Kamareddy) 7, Banswada (dist
Kamareddy) 7, Lingampet (dist Kamareddy) 7, Kothagudem (dist Warangal_urban) 7, Kotgiri
(dist Nizamabad) 7, Nizam Sagar (dist Kamareddy) 7, Garla (dist Mahabubabad) 7, Dubbak (dist
Siddipet) 7, Sadasivanagar (dist Kamareddy) 7, Dhar Palle (dist Nizamabad) 7, Birkoor (dist
Kamareddy) 7

Above Data from IMD


sset said...

very well composed about Mumbai rain - well done Abhijit-> it is so near target but still far away... good work on statistics. If we see vagaries history always on spot correct date time we get rain figures on periodical basis either by rajesh sir, gsb, abhijit. Usually 3rd / 4th week of august monsoon again becomes vigorous for Mumbai extreme rains

shiekhz said...

Sir Shall we follow the system for sindh/khi???

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution