Saturday, August 18, 2018

Four stations in Maharashtra's Ghats section has crossed 6000 mm rainfall mark for current season. With Kitwade is a topper in the state as of today.

Seasonal Rainfall in mm from 01-06-2018 to 18-08-2018:

Kitwade, Aajra - 6147 
Lamaj, Mahabaleshwar - 6131
Shirgaon, Mulshi - 6050
Tamhini, Mulshi - 6000


'-10' said...

mumbai city limits getting very little rain. the rain in ghats help? will there be a water problem next year for mumbai?

Rajesh said...

Ishan : Early to say, but seems Monsoon may be slightly delayed by around 8 days in withdrawal.

sset said...
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sset said...

Rayalseema barren no rain. Unfortunately bay low is too north giving good rains for orissa and northern tip of AP. Bangalore,Mysore,Mandya,Chintamani.... no heavy rains since june just quiet...

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution