Thursday, August 09, 2018

Heavy rains lashing Kerala
Some rainfall amounts sent by Jitjin vk

Extreme rainfall in kerala ending 8.30 today 9-8-2018. 
Pookot 539 (mm) 
Nilmbur 398 
Pamba 350 
Mananthavady 305 
Neariyamangalam 306 
Thariyode 295 
Ponmui 290 
Peermade 255 
Munnar 254 
Kuttiyadi 238 
Palakkad 214 

22 dams are opened and 20 landslide death are reported


sset said...
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Unknown said...

This is absolutely shocking. Kerala is struggling with floods and disaster of the highest proportion. And here we have someone talking about dam levels and water to Tamil Nadu. Most insensitive I have ever come across.


sset said...

Seems Mumbai heavy rains are back with bang! Navi mumbai heavy rains!

Extreme rains are always boon(giving water, filling dams after years of drought) and hardships(in terms of loss of life). Maharashtra ghat areas: it is normal to receive 400-600mm on continuous successive days(shirgaon,Tamhini,Lamaj,kitwade). July 2017,September 2013 Gujarat floods: 300-500mm continuous successive days. July 2017 Rajasthan floods: Mt Abu received 700mm on successive days. Aug 2018 Orissa floods: due to successive bay lows. It does not come as surprise if Kerala receives(south west coast) rain after consecutive drought years.

VISHWAS said...

Heavy rain in santacruz...

Vinod Desai said...

Great news as far monsoon is concerned for south india. North gujarat has not got any rains this year.
Marathwada also going negative now.
Cherrapunji is lagging far behind. Karnataka & kerala are rocking this year.
Mumbai it seems rains have started now. Third wet spell comin for thidls monsoon.
India overall negative 11 percent.lets see IMD has predicted better rains.

Pradeep said...

better for him to have put that it was taken from my compilation

sset said...

Yes Pradeepji I do read your blogs and all credit to you only.

The state of Maharashtra tops the list of the highest number of large dams in India as per the data of National Register of Large Dam (NRLD) of 2017.
Maharashtra:2354 dams
Madhya Pradesh:906 dams
Gujarat:632 dams
Chhattisgarh: 258 dams

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution