Friday, August 17, 2018

Marathawada, Vidarbha & N. Madhya Maha regions of Maharashtra gets much needed rain spell from BB-7 which moved west into the Vidarbha region yesterday.

First of all we will see in map below, how BB-7 helped Marathawada & North Madhya Maha's most districts to come out from deficit category.

First MH map dated 15 Aug 2018, before BB-7 entry in the state.

Second MH Map dated 17 Aug 2018, after BB-7 producing good rains in drought prone region.

Some main cities rainfall in mms ending 8.30am today on 17-08-18:

Jintur,Parbhani 222
Mahur, Nanded 205
Bavsingpura, Aurangabad 182
Aurangabad 157
Buldhana 130
Jalgaon 126
Chalisgaon 118
Nanded 102
Dhule 98
Osmanabad 85
Akola 84
Parbhani 78
Nagar 59
Malegaon 58

Nashik district rainfall on 17 Aug 2018 ending 8:30 am (Above 59 mm)

Mankhed (Surgana) 127
Borgaon (Surgana) 102
Peth 101
Surgana 86
Nanashi (Dindori) 80
Welunje (Trimbakeshwar) 80
Barhe (Surgana) 79
Abhona (Kalwan) 74
Kanashi (Kalwan) 74
Wehelgaon (Nandgaon) 73
Manmad (Nandgaon) 71
Dalwat (Kalwan) 70
Jategaon (Nandgaon) 69
Sawargaon (Yeola) 69
Koshimbe (Dindori) 66
Igatpuri 65
Mulher (Baglan) 64
Wadner (Malegaon) 63
Andarsul (Yeola) 62
Vadalibhoi (Chandwad) 62
Lasalgaon (Niphad) 61
Dangsaudane (Baglan) 60
Jaikheda (Baglan) 60
Jalgaon Neur (Yeola) 60
Nandgaon 60
Jogmodi (Peth) 59
Yeola 59

Nashik dt data compiled by Vagarian Shivkumar 

Navapur taluka in Nandurbar dist was lashed with heavy rains. Some Rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today:

Visarwadi - 235
Chinchpada - 192
Navapur - 140

Some ghat section rainfall in mms ending 8.30am today (Above 100 mm):

Rajur, Junnar 210
Kitwade 203
Khireshwar, Malshej 184
Tamhini 170
Ahupe 164
Mahabaleshwar 163
Asane 158
Davdi 150
Walwan 130
Amboli, Junnar 127
Dongarwadi 120
Lonavla 117
Navaja, Patan 110
Shirgaon, Bhor 105
Kumbheri 104
Rajapur,Ambegaon 102
Koyna 100

Some more rainfall data in cm ending 8.30am today from IMD (Above 6 cm):


Kinwat (dist Nanded) 19, Kannad (dist Aurangabad) 17, Phulambri (dist Aurangabad) 15, Jalna (dist Jalna) 15, Pathri (dist Parbhani) 14, Jafrabad (dist Jalna) 14, Selu (dist Parbhani) 14, Mantha (dist Jalna) 13, Manvat (dist Parbhani) 13, Partur (dist Jalna) 13, Ghansawangi (dist Jalna) 13, Ardhapur (dist Nanded) 12, Badnapur (dist Jalna) 11, Himayatnagar (dist Nanded) 11, Vaijapur (dist Aurangabad) 11, Aundha Nagnath (dist Hingoli) 11, Purna (dist Parbhani) 10, Jintur (dist Parbhani) 10, Nanded - Imd Parttime (dist Nanded) 10, Sillod (dist Aurangabad) 10, Hadgaon (dist Nanded) 10, Bhokardan (dist Jalna) 10, Sonpeth (dist Parbhani) 9, Paithan (dist Aurangabad) 9, Manjlegaon (dist Beed) 9, Kallamnuri (dist Hingoli) 9, Osmanabad  Imd Parttime (dist Osmanabad) 9, Ambad (dist Jalna) 8, Vasmat (dist Hingoli) 7, Kandhar (dist Nanded) 7, Gangapur (dist Aurangabad) 7, Soegaon (dist Aurangabad) 7, Kaij (dist Beed) 7, Georai (dist Beed) 7, Mudkhed (dist Nanded) 7, Hingoli - Hydromet (dist Hingoli) 7, Parli Vaijnath (dist Beed) 6, Palam (dist Parbhani) 6, Bhokar (dist Nanded) 6, Khultabad (dist Aurangabad) 6

Madhya Maharashtra:

Raver (dist Jalgaon) 14,  Jamner (dist Jalgaon) 14, Dhadgaon/akrani- Hydro (dist Nandurbar) 10, Dhule (dist Dhule) 10, Parola (dist Jalgaon) 10, Erandol (dist Jalgaon) 10, Shirpur (dist Dhule) 9, Bodwad (dist Jalgaon) 9, Pachora (dist Jalgaon) 9, Chalisgaon (dist Jalgaon) 9, Gidhade - Fmo (dist Dhule) 7, Yaval (dist Jalgaon) 7, Dahigaon - Fmo (dist Jalgaon) 7, Shrirampur (dist Ahmednagar) 7, Girnadam - Fmo (dist Nashik) 7, Kopargaon (dist Ahmednagar) 6, Rahata (dist Ahmednagar) 6, Bhadgaon (dist Jalgaon) 6, Rahuri (dist Ahmednagar) 6, Chandgad (dist Kolhapur) 6, Dharangaon (dist Jalgaon) 6, Bhusawal (dist Jalgaon) 6, Chopda (dist Jalgaon) 6,  Satna Shevgaon (dist Ahmednagar) 6


Barshitakli (dist Akola) 16, Digras (dist Yeotmal) 13, Karanjalad (dist Washim) 13, Arni (dist Yeotmal) 13, Manora (dist Washim) 12, Deolgaon Raja (dist Buldhana) 11, Pusad (dist Yeotmal) 11, Patur (dist Akola) 10, Malkapur (dist Buldhana) 10, Sindkhed Raja (dist Buldhana) 10, Murtajapur (dist Akola) 9, Jalgaon Jamod (dist Buldhana) 9, Darwha (dist Yeotmal) 9, Motala (dist Buldhana) 9, Mangrulpir (dist Washim) 9, Joiti (dist Chandrapur) 9, Umerkhed (dist Yeotmal) 9, Mahagaon (dist Yeotmal) 8, Malegaon (dist Washim) 8, Lonar (dist Buldhana) 8, Chikhli (dist Buldhana) 8, Dharni (dist Amraoti) 8, Washim (dist Washim) 7, Mehkar (dist Buldhana) 7, Korpana (dist Chandrapur) 7, Risod (dist Washim) 7, Balapur (dist Akola) 6, Sangrampur (dist Buldhana) 6, Nandura (dist Buldhana) 6, Ner (dist Yeotmal) 6, Chikhalda (dist Amraoti) 6


shiekhz said...

Sir chances exsist for karachi??

Vinod Desai said...

Though mumbai missed the rains which was expected but the good news is interior maharashtra and parts of gujarat getting much needed rains.

Unknown said...

Hello Rajesh, how do you see the new low developing in the Bay. What would be the progress and how would Mumbai and Gujarat be impacted ?



sset said...

Thanks for good compilation of Maharashtra toppers + maps.

Maharashtra ghats, konkan region is well known for extreme rains 400-500mm in 24hrs. I feel in just 2 spells Maharashtra may reach top for highest SWM 2018... Already for last 4-5 years Maharashtra has been in top.

Mumbai sends 16lakhs of potable water to flood hit Kerala. Problem here is Kerala is not used to very heavy rains and this has happened after 30 years with recent 3 years of drought. Another important factor is loss of forest, loss of native tree species and mining. Growing of eucalyptus, rubber, acacia is poisonous to soil, does not hold water and does not support bird life. Maharashtra always promoted massive afforestation of native species like banyan,peepal,neem,tamarind,jamun,mango..
Last year 2017 July-August Gujarat suffered floods due to continuous extreme rains..

Otherside AP declares drought for entire Rayalseema barren no rain since june... Bangalore,Mysore,Mandya.... have not received any heavy spells since june. Last year they had received good rains in same period (aug-sep).

Rajesh said...

BB-8 has formed and will cross the Odisha coast as a Well Marked Low...For Mumbai we see frequent showers, though passing , some with heavy intensity.
No water problem for Mumbai seen.See latest snippet

Rajesh said...

Chances of BB-8 reaching Sindh is very less. Karachi will not get much benefit it seems.

RaghuN said...

@sset : I dont know where you got your facts but Maharashtra Ghats have been toppers for only 2016 and 2017; For 2015 Hulikal,Agumbe etc were ahead of Mah. Ghats while in 2014 Talacauvery, Hulikal, Agumbe etc were again ahead of Maha ghats. Same for 2013 when Patgaon was SWM topper by a whisker but for year-end rainfall Hulikal was again ahead. 2012 : same theme Hukial, Agumbe etc ahead of all maha ghats heavyweights. I am excluding Cherra/Mawsymram for all years (they usually end up crossing 1000cms most of the time). This year Talacauvery is almost 150cm ahead of Kitwade so far!

Don't let a few years anomaly make you forget the average rainfalls..

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution