Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Posted Wednesday 18th May Night:

18th May 2016...The Highest ever temperature (Official and reliable) for India has been recorded at Phalodi (West Rajasthan)...50.5c.
This is a record, and the Highest ever for India. 

(India's Highest ever...Officially they record 50.6c at Alwar...But reading is doubtful...even as per WMO......The station was open few months before and during 1956 it was giving too high maxima 5-6C higher than surrounding stations, than later it got normal. In early May 1956 it was not so hot, but slightly above the average, we can say like a normal day in early June, but not at record levels.)...From Vagaries Extreme
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18th May Maximums:
Churu followed with 49.1c, Jaisalmer 48.8c, Barmer 48.1c. Hottest in Maharashtra on Wednesday was Akola at 47.1c, and Hottest in Gujarat was Surendranagar at 47.8c. Idar followed with 47.6c, Gandhinagar saw 47.0c  and Ahmedabad was hot at 46.9c.   
New Delhi Palam was 46.4c.

Across the border in Pakistan, it was sizzling with extreme temperatures....
Larkana in Sindh saw an unimaginable 52.0c,( Minimum at Larkana was 33.2c), Sibbi and Mohen-Jo- Daro saw 51.0c, Jacobabad and Padidan mention the "above 50s" only.


BB-1, a deep depression is located at 14.4N and 81.4E, 160 kms East of Nellore on Wednesday evening. Estimated pressure is 993 mb and core winds estimated at 40 knts. Tracking NE.


Rajesh said...

Mumbai will get cloudy weather on Thursday. Light rains and cloudy weather on Friday 20th and 21st Saturday.
Same , light rains expected on 19th and 20th for Pen Panvel regions.

Unknown said...

The reading for Larkana from today is not rounded off. Its a 52.0 C for today. Here is the relevant synop report:

41748 12996 03110 10515 20019 39897 49955 60002 333 10520 59015 60007 5%

Dadu had the second highest temperature today at 51.4 C.

41743 32997 02306 10500 20125 333 10514 12%=

Gaurav raninga said...

Sir,in my memory before 15-20 years in dur darshan weather report they showed 51C for Sri ganganagar Rajasthan. ....not syor about exact year but syor about it not official?

Unknown said...

Heavy rain in bangalore last evening. Most places got 25mm to 35 mm. Rain started around 6.30 pm.

Unknown said...

Hyderabad pakistan recorded its all time high at 49 c.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir ,Nagothane,roha regions experienced light rain for 2-3minutes at 2:30am today morning.

Unknown said...

rajesh sir,is low pressure expected in arabain sea?would it affect maharashtra ?

sset said...

Many blogs suggest heat will return back to peninsular India!!

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar