Friday, October 23, 2015

Posted Friday Night:

Mumbai: Finally, finally we see the day temperatures drop (exactly by 2c from peak as estimated)...With the day's high at 35.3c at Scruz on Friday and 33.9c at Colaba. Now, we will see the nights getting more comfortable also, after  a record 28.2c minimum at Colaba on Friday morning.

1. UAC in both the Arabian Sea and South Bay persist, and will become Lows as predicted...As of now, we predict the same as given yesterday...
NEM rains can start in Chennai from 27th as expected...
Next Update on Saturday evening by 5 pm IST.

2. Western Disturbance O-3 Precipitating over North Pakistan from Saturday. coming on schedule..

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Majid Nasim Ahmad said...

Rajesh sir, I'm waiting for your next update on Saturday evening at 5 pm IST.

Vagaries virtual meeting today