Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mumbai starts the week with a Hot Monday ( 35c-37c) and warm Nights around 27c at Colaba and 25/26c at Scruz.....Partly cloudy skies may bring  light drizzles in some areas of Mumbai City.

Light rains also likely in other regions around Mumbai, including Roha and Pen.

Mumbai ( vagaries readings) equals highest minimum temperatures record for October ...
Vagaries recorded a Low of 28.4c on Sunday Morning. 
Colaba record for highest minimum also equalled ( Most Probably) on Sunday as Colaba records a low of 28.0c.


Unknown said...

Hi, with the kind of temperature variations we are seeing in Mumbai, is this normal? This October feels like none other, extremely hot! Any winter 2015-16 predictions available for the region ?

sset said...

Good to read positive forecast for NEM after 5 years of failure. Let us see which is driest state of India - is it TN or RAJ or Rayalseema? RAJ figures we have from IMD.