Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cyclone Mahasen:
Cyclone Mahasen to make landfall by 4 pm IST on Thursday at 91E, Southern Delta region of Bangladesh

South West Monsoon Moving into Rest of Andamans on 16th May...posted on 16th May @ 2 pm IST

Cyclone Mahasen:  Tracked NE, and still shy of striking land. Around 290 Kms SE of Kolkata, at 21N and 90.4E, and at 986 mb, with core winds now gushing at 50-55 knts. Very heavy rainfall reported North of centre of system...expected rains in coastal Bangladesh and adjoining W Bengal shores around 7-9 cms or more.
May swerve NE and make landfall today (Thursday) along the Bangladesh Coast. Inundating low areas, with precipitation in excess of 9 cms. 

Radar image from BMD

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