Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Friday, Hottest Place in Asia: Rentachintala (India)  at 40.6c,  Kurnool (India): 40.5c. 
In India, next was followed by Wardha and Anantapur at 40.0c. 
Mumbai Scruz was 32.5c, Colaba at  31.4c, Vagaries 31.6c...Panjim was 32.6c.

India Australia Delhi Test Match begins on Friday...Hot day on Saturday with rain on Saturday night. Sunday might see a rain interruption.

M-3 is expected to move into Pakistan by Friday 22nd March, initially into the central Sindh, Punjab and Northern Pakistan regions. Punjab Lahore can expect showers by the evening hours. As the WD trough traverses Pakistan, the Sindh region gets light showers, with 
Karachi  possibly getting light rains or thundershowers late on 22nd night/23rd morning. Hyderabad Sindh can also expect showers on 22nd night.

Saturday 23rd, M-3 moves Eastwards into India, with rains continuing in Pakistan.
Rain/snow can be expected in Kashmir/HP and rains in Punjab and Haryana. 
Later in the day (23rd), some light rains can be expected in Rajasthan and thunder squalls around Delhi NCR.Delhi NCR could heat up to 35c in the day. 

Isolated thundershowers pop up in Nagpur and Wardha districts of Vid. and adjoining MP  in the evening (23rd).

Sunday 24th: Rains continue in Kashmir, HP, Punjab and Haryana. 
A chance of thunder squalls in some parts of Delhi NCR on 24th.
The odd thundershower can appear in Nagpur, Amraoti, Wardha or Akola district of Vid.

M-3 fizzles out on Monday..M-4 arrives by 27th/28th.

At the Weekend;
Mumbai Scruz will remain mainly clear  (light Cirrus clouds)  with NW winds and keeping the temperature around 32/33c, while Pune stays warm in the day around 36/37c.
Outer townships of Mumbai will have warm days  around 36/37c with nights dipping to 19/20c.

Westerly winds will sweep Kolkata as the High pressure south of Kolkata in the Bay intensifies  With bright sunshine, Kolkata may reach the 38/39c mark by Saturday/Sunday.

After a rainy day today, though rainfall was less, the weather will be dry in Kathmandu this weekend..but warming up after today's 24.7c day temperatures...

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Neeraj said...

Morning temp has certainly taken a dip after yesterdays rain/thunder. 6.4 c this morning.

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar