Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pics of Thursday 7th March Morning from Dubai...sent by Jignesh 

On March 12th and 13th, the comet Pan Starrs will reappear in the sunset sky..see Space News Page

Posted on 6th March @ 10.15pm....Heat Wave catches up in Gujarat: 

The highest in India on Wednesday 6th March, was in Gujarat,  Porbunder at 39.6c. 
Bhuj was a shade behind at 39.4c.Surat jumped to 39.2c and Goa at 37.3c.
Wednesday 6th March, the Mumbai heat continues with SCruz at 39.0c and Colaba 36.5c. vagaries was high at 38.3c today.

Ratnagiri was just behind at 38.9C and Dahanu at 36.6C .
Mahableshwar was a "pleasant" 30.7C (+1.2c) with the low at 17c.

Chhor in Pakistan was at 39.8c today...
Rains have occurred in TN and Interior Karnataka. 

Posted on 5th March:
Rainfall is likely in the South on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th.

Though light to moderate rains will be seen all over TN, rainfall will be heavier on Wednesday night and Thursday in S.I.Karnataka. 
Heavy rains in regions of Hasan, Chickmaglur, Shimoga and Udipi districts and Northern Kanada, including Belgaum can receive light rains and cloudy weather. 
Definite cooling down in Goa, as we see some clouding there. Belgaum would be partly cloudy around 33/34c and low around 20/21c.

The ridge on the North Maharshtra and South coastal Gujarat coast, as i read the scene now, is likely to disappear from Thursday 7th. High pressure could move east towards AP and the Bay.

I would predict another day of heat for Mumbai and Surat (38/39c), and then for Mumbai, a gradual decrease from 7th.Thursday to reach 34/35c at SCruz by Friday. 
From Thursday, winds turn to a comfortable N/NW direction for Mumbai and Surat.
The extreme variation range would reduce from Thursday for Mumbai.

Pune would be partly cloudy, some light to high clouds, next few days till Friday. This would mean a rise in night temperatures and days would be around 34/35c this week.

M-1 moves into Northern Pakistan on 8th Night, with Islamabad getting showers in the night into Saturday. Saturday 9th, M-1 is precipitating medium precipitation over Northern Pakistan, Kashmir, HP and Utterakhand. Spreads into Nepal next day.

(For information: M-2 due in Sub Continent on 12th/13th March, covering the Northern plains as well).

Tuesday 5th March: Mumbai Santa Cruz turns up to be the hottest in India today, Tuesday 5th March !
Mumbai Scruz high at 39.5c ( +6.7c) and low at 15.6c (-4.2c). Largest variation till now between day and night : 23.9c. 
In reality, average temperature works out only + 1.2c above normal..Thanks to the cooler nights.

Colaba saw a high of 37.5c and a low 22.0c. Vagaries high was 38.2c and low 24.6c..

Panjim and Ratnagiri both at 38.7c...Ratnagiri +7c above normal and Panjiim 6.6c above normal.


Unknown said...

wow:) belgaum wil get some showers finally..if its happens bit heat will reduce..:)

Anonymous said...

Mumbai SCZ is hot (+35 c) continuously for the past 7 days ..

The records for Mumbai SCZ for +35 c temp for consecutive days need to be checked ..

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar