Sunday, March 17, 2013

The hole in the stratospheric ozone over Antarctica has shrunk to the smallest size in a decade, according to satellite observations.see here

A Review of Last Week's Weather..The Week from 10th -17th March: A report..clearing some Doubts..Just Published on Current Weather Page of this Blog..Illustrated with Maps and diagrams.

Vagaries' Exclusive Long Term tentative Forecast:(Detailed forecast  will be on blog on usual 4 day forecast basis. This long term forecast could be subject to changes).

1. 23rd/24th March: WD M-3 over Northern States and Punjab and Haryana. Delhi NCR could get rains in some parts. Thundershowers in pockets of Vidharbha.

2. 27th/28th March: M-4 moves into Pakistan and India. Precipitation in Sindh, plains and hills of Pakistan. Indian side precipitation in Kashmir, HP (heavy), Utteranchal, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, covering West UP also. Moves into Western Nepal on 29th. Nepal no meaningfull rains till March end. 
Delhi NCR to get atleast 3 more spells of rains (Light to medium) till month end.

3. 27th/28th March: North Konkan, Madhya Mah. and Vidarbha, adjoining south Gujarat and south MP get rains and thundershowers. Hail expected in Vidharbh.Thundershowers continue upto 29th in Madhya Mah.

4. Dubai can get rains on 22nd.
Muscat can get precipitation from 23rd March, precipitation will persist for 3/4 days. Days will get cooler.

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Unknown said...

rajesh sir in your recent long term forecast, u have mentioned that north konkan will forsee some showers, does that include mumbai as well, since mumbai being inline with north konkan.

Rajesh said...

Arpit asks: 3 more spells including M-3 and M-4 or rain excluding these WDs?
Arpit, 3 spells including the WDs...altogether 3 spells from simple language for blog readers.

Sam: Yes, NorthKonkan including Mumbai...since it its a 10-12 days forecast, a day this side or that side should be considered..

Unknown said...

Rajeshbhai, Thanks for Vidarbha outlook..........Potey

sset said...

Rajesh isn't it strange - as summer approaches Northen hemisphere, winter embraces southern hemisphere - but still Australisa is hotest and Antartica coldest inspite of both being close and in southern hemisphere.

Unknown said...

usually when when summer starts in india we see temperatures going down in australia but this times it has bit delayed.

Rajesh said...

sam: Cyclone season, means low pressures and warmer temps, normally and officially ends on 31st March..we then we start monitoring pressure, temps and monsoon axis and ITCZ..

Rajesh said...

sam: above comment for australia regions..

Anonymous said...

Australia and Antarctica are both huge and they are separated by thousands of kilometers.

Telfer,the hottest place is at 21 degree south latitude.
Amundsen, the coldest place is close to 90 degree south latitude.

So it is not much of a surprise that the temperature readings are so different.

Unknown said...

ok i got it rajesh sir

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar