Sunday, March 24, 2013

26th Tuesday was hot, and the hottest in India was Rentachintala at 41.8c...In Mah Solapur was hot at 40.2c.
Upper winds brought medium/high clouds over Pakistan , NW India, Central India and Gujarat and adjoining Mah.
Very light drizzles were reported from Manvi (Kutch), keeping the maximum at 30.4c ..and clouds kept the otherwise hot Bhuj at 35.7c on Tuesday. In fact, nowhere in Gujarat has it crossed 38c today !

As forecasted, Kanyakumari in TN recieved fairly heavy rains with the guage measuring 36 mms in last 24 hrs.
Several stations in South Kerala recieved good rainfall, among them Punalur, Mancompu 4 cms, Aryankavu, Varkala,Kozha and Munnar getting 3 cms. 

The N/S trough with wind dis-continuity is vertical through East Rajasthan/West MP/Maharashtra.Thundershowers for one more day inSouthern Kerala/TN...

M-4 has moved into West Pakistan, while strengthening over Pakistan Central and Northern regions, will move into Northern India by Wednesday, 27th evening.
Gains over India on Thursday...

M-3  was  predicted to precipitate in Northern India on the weekend, so Saturday showed good precipitation in Kashmir, HP and tapering amounts in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan from the M-3 system. 

Chief amounts were: Manali 43, Saloni 40, Banihal & Seobagh Aws 39 each, Srinagar 38, 
Quazigund 33, Ludhiana 23, Bikaner 9, Chandigarh, Patiala & Phalodi 5 
each, Ambala 4, Jaisalmer 3, Amritsar IAF & Tehri 2 in mms.
In MP/Vidarbha, the rains were: Mandla 26, Pachmarhi 3, Amraoti & Narsingpur 2 each, Seoni 1.
Sunday was a wet day in HP, with Hamirpur getting 27 mms, Dharamshala 22 ms, Dalhousie 19 mms and Kufri 9 mms till 5.30 pm IST.

Delhi NCR was warm on the week end, with the day at 34/35c. Thunderclouds and Cumulonimbus clouds developed by Sunday evening, with cloud cover up to 4 OKTA.
Showers developed late evening in NE NCR...

Higher amounts of rains recieved from across the border in Pakistan: Parchinar got 87 mms, Peshawar 46 mms, Murree 45 mms, Islamabad 28 mms (and cool at 20c as the max) and Lahore 10 mms 

Now what next 3/4 days ?

Monday, 25th March/Tuesday 26th March: We see much of the sub-continent regions going dry. Just some residual precipitation in the HP upper reaches and NE states.Very light localised showers in Kanyakumari district.
Oman and Muscat gets  rain on Monday..cooling down the region by a couple of degrees.

Wednesday 27th March: As M-4 moves into Pakistan, precipitation gradually increases and moves from Western regions of Pakistan into the Central and Northern regions of Pakistan.
Meanwhile, as the day progresses, thundershowers are likely to develop in Vidharbha, North Madhya Mah and Western MP regions. MP west of Bhopal (between Ujjain and Bhopal) can expect thundershowers on Wednesday evening.

Thursday 28th March: M-4 moves in to India. Precipitaion in Kashmir, HP (snow possible on upper reaches) and rains in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR. 
Rajasthan and adjoining UP can get showers. Thundershower in Delhi NCR.

No major rise or heat waves temperatures expected this week..

Except hills of Western bypassed by M-4 (again)..after a cool climate, Kathmandu rises to 29.3c..and seeing the trend this week. Anyway, the capital has recieved 27 mms rain this month, a little short of its normal.

Mumbai remains partly cloudy next 3 days, with pleasant breeze keeping the temperature around 32/33c in Scruz and 30/31c at Colaba. 
Pune: Sunny on Mon/Tuesday. Partly cloudy wednesday with thundery developments possible on Thursday. Light rains in some parts.

New Delhi NCR gets thundershowers on late Wednesday or Thuresday...up to 5 mms expected.
Kolkata gets partly cloudy on Wednesday/Thursday..but warm days around 37/38c..

Karachi will be mostly sunny with a range of 32-22c.
Hyderabad (Sindh): Cloudy on Mon/Tuesday, and clearing later..but temperature within 35c..

Muscat expecting precipitation and fairly good rains next 2 days..cooler weather ahead..
Sunday's Maharashtra's Highs:
Pune: 35.8c, Lahagaon: 37.0c, Mahableshwar: 31.0c, Mumbai Scruz: 31.9c, Colaba: 30.5c, Vagaries: 31.2c, Dahanu: 29.9c, 
Akola: 39.2c, Nagpur: 38.6c.

Pic from RKChaudhary..


Unknown said...

Rajesh sir: Thanks for including weather forecast of west M.P. in your blog.

Rajesh said...

Can any reader, comment on why the N/S trough is followed on this blog almost daily since last 3 days? What is its significance ?

Unknown said...
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Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for Nagpur is 40.1c.

So Nagpur records first 40c mark for current season. (Year 2013)

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for Kolkata is : Alipore 37.6c , Dum Dum 37.5c

Bhubaneshwar max temp is 40.6c for today

Chennai max temp for today : NGBKM 33.5c, MNBKM 35c

Mumbai max temp for today : Colaba 31.4c, Santacruz 33.3c

Pune max temp for today is 36.9c. So highest till now in March.

Aurangabad max temp 37.5c, Nashik max temp 36.5c, Ratnagiri & Panji 32.7c for today.

Abhijit Modak said...

Akola 40c today, Solapur 39.5c for today

Abhijit Modak said...

Delhi max temp for today :

S'Jung 29.6c, Palam 30.5c

Abhijit Modak said...

Mumbai max temp for today :
Colaba 31.2c, Sanatcruz 31c.

Today max temp for Kolkata : Alipore & Dum Dum both same at 37.8c. So highest till now in March.

Chennai max temp for today : NGBKM 34.4c, MNBKM 35.2c

Pune max temp 36.1c.

Rajkot 36.9c & Surat 33.4c today.

Nagpur 39.9c, Akola 39.7c, Aurangabad 37.7c, Nashik 36c, Panji 33.3c

Bangalore max temp for today is 35.4c . So highest till now in March.

Rajesh said...

Rainfall in mm in Tamil Nadu ending 8.30 am on 26.03.2013 from Pradeep

Sholavandan - 89
Periyakulam - 87
Parambikulam - 84
Vadipatti - 76
Shencottah - 70
Thenkasi - 70
Peraiyur - 70
Usilampatti – 67
Rajapalayam - 61
Srivilliputhur – 50
Palayamkottai - 40
Kanyakumari – 36
Tirunelveli - 26
Bodinaickanur -3
Sankarankoil – 26
Manjalar - 24
Pollachi - 20
Gudalur - 20
Chinnamanur - 19
Valparai - 19
Vaigai - 15
Nagercoil- 10
Sivakasi - 10
Uttamapalayam - 10
Perunchani - 9
Amaravathy - 7
Radhapuram - 6
Kodaikanal - 6
Agasteeswaram - 5
Sholayar - 5
Kulasekaram - 5
Karuppandhi - 5
Alanganallur - 5
Aruppukottai - 5
Tiruchuli - 5

Unknown said...

Wish U all vagarians A HAPPY HOLI!!

Abhijit Modak said...

Maha max temp for today :

Nagpur 40.6c
Solapur 40.6c
Akola 40.6c
Aurangabad 37.8c
Pune 36c
Nashik 35.7c
Panji 33.5c
Ratnagiri 32c
Santacruz 31.2c
Colaba 31c

Abhijit Modak said...

Rajkot max 34.4c & Surat max 32.2c for today.

Delhi max temp for today : S'Jung 30.9c, Palam 31.2c.

Kolkata max temp for today : Alipore 37c, Dum Dum 37.1c

Bangalore max temp 35.8c today.

Abhijit Modak said...

Some Maha cities max temp for today :

Mumbai max temp for today :
Colaba 31c, Santacruz 31.5c

Nagpur 39.6c
Solapur 40.2c
Akola 40.3c
Aurangabad 36.4c
Pune 35.7c
Nashik 33.7c
Panji 33.3c
Ratnagiri 31.6c

Delhi max temp for today :
S'Jung 33.7c, Palam 33.8c

Chennai max temp for today :
NGBKM 33.7c, MNBKM 34.6c

Kolkata max temp for today : Alipore 37.1c, Dum Dum 37.4c

Rajkot max temp 34.5c & Surat max temp 34.6c for today.

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar