Thursday, March 07, 2013

As Maharashtra is facing drought and acute water shortage, Vagaries brings the latest water levels in various reservoirs in the State in % as Full and Last years level on same date..Mumbai Lakes also given...See Mumbai Page if Interested

Posted on Saturday @ 8.15pm:

On line with predictions, Mumbai Scruz is back to 35.0c on Saturday, and Colaba scaled down to 32.6c. Vagaries was 34.0c Saturday.
Alibag was down to 33.3c and Ratnagiri 33.6c, while Goa did not cross 34.0c.

While things cooled down in Konkan, Vidharbha heated up with Akola at 38.6c, Amraoti 38.0c, Wardha 38.2c and Nagpur 37.2c. Expected heat will remain string in Vidharbha on Sunday.
Jalgaon was the highest in India at 39.3c.

Surat was 37.4c, while Amreli was highest at 38.9c in Gujarat.

New Delhi Palam rose to 34.1c and Sjung heated uo to 33.8c, NCR has suddenly shot up more than the expected level of 32c, with all stations between 33/34c on Saturday.

Posted on Friday 8th..@8.20pm..

Mumbai Colaba falls to 33.9c on Friday from 38.6c on Thursday, a fall of 4.7c. vagaries recorded 36.0c, a fall of 0.3c since yesterday. Panjim drops to 35.3c and Ratnagiri was 34.2c on Friday, a fall of 4.2c. Overall falling trend seen due to early onset of W/SW sea breeze. 

But, Mumbai Scruz still stubbornly stuck at 39c today, though we had expected till 38c..

As expected, Vidarbha temperatures have shown a rise today, with Akola at 37.6c, Chandrapur 37.4c, Amraoti at 37.2c and Nagpur rising to 36.3c.

Rajkot and Surendranagar remain the hottest in India on Friday at 40.3c. Saurashtra (including Rajkot) was forecasted by vagaries to record 40c as per yesterdays blog.
Surat saw 39.3c...(Forecasted 38c)

In Pakistan, it was Chhor at 40.2c, followed by Hydrerabad and Nawabshah at 37.5c.

Posted on Thursday, 7th March:
Weekend Expectations:

.Rain may still "linger" around the Mangalore-Cochin regions on Friday.Weather getting drier and rainfall decreasing in TN and Karnataka from Friday, 8th
Heat moving East into Vidharbha and Orissa regions.

9th March sees the M-1 moving into North Pakistan. Also, it moves into the Indian region with rain in Kashmir and HP and snow in higher reaches.

Mumbai: As the winds turn direction from Friday, 8th, we see a drop in the day temperatures, and increase in humidity levels   from Friday. 
Dropping from the 40c levels on Thursday to 38c on Friday, and finally 34/35c by Sunday. Nights will however show a steady but slow rise reaching 20c by Sunday.

Pune: Clear and "warming up" week end at around 36/37c and nights around 15/16c.

Surat: May hold on to around 37/38c Friday and Saturday and finally may decrease to 36c on Sunday..nights around 20/21c.
Saurastra (Including Rajkot) will see the daytime temperatures around 39/40c on Friday. Decrease by 2/3c from Saturday for the weekend.

Delhi NCR will be hazy in the day and highs on the weekend could reach 31/32c. Nights will be pleasant around 15/16c.

Mumbai Scruz , first to touch 40c in India this season..and was the hottest place in Asia today..7th March.

Scruz records 40.5c (+8.4c), and Colaba 38.6c (+7.9c) on Thursday, 7th March..

3 cities touch 40c today as the first in India this season.

For Mumbai, its not new to touch 40c and be the first city in India. It has happened before in 1981 when Mumbai was the first in India to reach 40c on 3rd March, and again in 2007 when Mumbai saw 40c first on 16th March.

Other highs in Konkan on 7th: ..Dahanu 38.6c (+8.6c), Ratnagiri 38.4c, Panjim 38.0c, Mahableshwar rose to 30.8c.
Gujarat saw Rajkot and Valsad at 40.1c.  Surat reached 39.1c.

Incidently, the hottest in Pakistan on Thursday was at  Chhor and Karachi..39c.


Unknown said...

Rajeshbhai, hailing from Vidarbha, was feeling at home with 39-40 C in Mumbai with low humidity. But the torture starts now with humidity going up in just couple of days.....potey

Rajesh said...

Cmdr Potey: I Think heat will move into Vid..see Flash Snippet

Atul P Naik said...

As predicted for today Friday Mar 8, cool Westerlies from the sea have started blowing at 10.30 am, nearly 3 hrs earlier than last few days. Expecting max temp to be lower by 3-4 C in Goa!

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Atul.. Panjim max temp drops to 35.3c today from 38c yesterday due to SW/WSW/W winds there.

Atul P Naik said...

Abhijit: IMD AWS data for Panaji today shows max temp as 34.3 C. Also at Ela, the other station in North Goa shows 36 C as max. So how do we get 35.3C?

Unknown said...

Absolutely right Rajesh sir , noted yesterday in the afternoon the sea breeze was totally (WSW) direction here in Vasai , thus bringing the much needed relief from the heat wave which was happening because of north easterly winds .

Unknown said...

Now in the morning the climate here in vasai is comfortable with light winds blowing.with current temp at 21 degrees

Rajesh said...

N/NW winds commenced in Mumbai early by 11.15 am our estimate of 35c possible...

GSB said...

Rajesh sir,

With the current drought like situations in parts of Maharashtra what is the level of water in the various reservoirs/ dams across the state?


sset said...

GSB - infact MAHA has consistently received above normal rains for last many years - 2012 (bit less). KAR, AP, TN are much worse with consequitive years in droughts. 2012 Marathwada (MAHA driest area) received normal rain - infact average rain of Marathwada is more than BANG rain.

Beauty of Mumbai is peak summers temperatures never cross 33-34deg only few days in March temp exceed. 2012 rains all Mumbai lakes were full.

Personally I see all active bloggers from MAHA (MUM) none from south?????

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar