Sunday, January 01, 2012

A trough extended from the low (remnant of "Thane") in the Arabian Sea to Central India, and then bent into the U.P. region. Resultantly, moisture incursion concentrated in the Eastern end of the trough. It brought extensive clouding into Nepal and adjoining U.P. In U.P, Kasganj measured 70 mms, Etah 20 mms and Agra measured a reasonable 24 mms of rain.

On reviewing yesterday's forecast map put up on Vagaries, it can be seen that the rain areas forecasted (blue colour) has been pushed Northwards a bit. However, in the areas forecasted by Vagaries, Brahmapuri(Vidharbh) measured 33 mms, Raipur 31 mms, Jabalpur 26 mm sand Nagpur 6mms.
Naintal had a cold 31st, with 20 mms of rain and a low of 3c.

Kathmandu was overcast on Sunday, a dark begining to 2012, with the occasional light drizzle.The highest temperature on New Years Day was 12.6c.

Expect the trough to shorten upto the Madhya Mah.region by Monday, and a decrease in precipitation from the U.P.and Nepal regions. Kathmandu will see decrease in cloudiness from Monday, with the night temperature going to near freezing on Wednesday morning.

In Sindh, Pakistan,Karachi and Sukkar were at a minimum of 8c on the first day of 2012.Expect the night to be in the 8-10c region till Wednesday.Partly cloudy skies from Thursday will see a rise in night temperatures.

The first W.D. of the year will bring precipitation to the Northern regions of Pakistan from Wednesday thru Friday. Numbering the system J1, it would move into Northern India on Wednesday. The system would be of average strength, and would bring snow to Kashmir, H.P. on Wed/Thu/Fri.
Light rainfall in the Punjabs on either side of the international border could be expected. Haryana and adjoining U.P. could get cloudy weather with light rainfall on the 5th and 6th.

Cloudy weather could extend into Upper Sindh (Pakistan) and Rajasthan regions. A cold spell could follow this system.

Mumbai: A UAC (located around central India) embedded in the trough brought a gush of cold NNW winds into the Mumbai region. Winds throughout the day on Sunday saw the day's high at 28c in Mumbai. Mumbai(S'Cruz) low could be 14c on Monday morning.

Temperatures are expected to rise again to the 18/19c level (S'Cruz) from Tuesday. A cold wave would see nights getting cold again from 6th, Friday.

Pune will see a sharp drop in the minimum temperature, from Sunday's 18c, and record a low of 13c on Monday, with a clear day.

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