Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mumbai Details

South Mumbai and Central areas received very heavy showers since early morning. Later, during the day, the showers spread towards the North.
On studying the developments, I would say it is an extension Northwards of the strenghtening of the off shore trough.

If we recollect, (check blog of 13th Sept), Vagaries had estimated heavy rains in coastal Karnataka on wednesday, and extending up to Goa on Thursday. This was calculated on the basis of the off shore trough strengthening.

Well, it seems from the detailed pressure chart, that the "loop" showing a trough is off Mumbai on Thursday morning. It is seen on both, the 925 mb and 850 mb charts. More prominent in 925 mb.

This is an extension of the trough a bit more Northwards ( showing prominently around Mumbai in the 925 mb chart).

Answer to Queries: This has nothing to do with BB-7. Such developments can be shortlived. Mumbai could possibly go back to "status Quo" soon.

All lakes( supplying water to Mumbai) except Vaitarna are overflowing. Vaitarna is 98% full. Total water content is 12.95 lmlitres against capacity full of 13.0 lmlitres.


Anonymous said...

Doppler Radar showing intense but highly localised clouds over metro region......potey

Anonymous said...

there was sunshine in borivali till 9.30 am. now (9.50am) dark clouds coming in from west and started raining!!

Anonymous said...

i think the doppler radar is not working properly.

NT said...

Rajesh, it's been raining with moderate / heavy intensity here at Parle - Andheri area since 8:30 AM, it's quite dark at this point too. I am sure the rain totals for SCZ during the day today will exceed 25 mms. The 'monsoonish' weather refuses to leave us :-)

emkay said...

is the Doppler working O.K for Mumbai ?
during the max rain phase early morning did not find any indication of rains on the Radar except for a blob near the Ghats

NT said...

I personally think that this Doppler Radar in Mumbai is a big sham, either they have got something completely junk installed or they have no clue how to operate this thing. I have never seen it work correctly through out this season. If it is the later of the two problems I have mentioned than at least there is hope for the next Monsoon season.

sridhar said...

Absolutely no rain in thane...:)

Rajesh said...

emkay: Doppler radars can be more precise and clear as seen in other sites. Not an expert though on radars.

sset said...

Heavy rain over Navi Mumbai - Belapur. Correct as mentioned monsoon will never leave us!!! With Amboli - most extreme rain spot - Cheers to Maharashta - Land of Shivaji,Sachin,Lata Mangeshkar. Even though myself south India.
Rajesh - Will LaNina lead to weaker NorthEast Monsoon?- problem for south India. Thanks for good information on La Nina.
Pradeep - Good work for your figures. Thanks. For last 5-10years was Maharashtra most extreme hot spot or it happened this year 2011? This proves change in weather pattern - Maharashtra most rain intense area!!!

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