Saturday, May 19, 2007

Monsoon Watch - 14

The flow in the Arabian Sea is getting stronger, and the cloud formation in the sea has started forming near the warm edge of the central Arabian sea. This indicates, and the sea temperatures also show, the required cooling of the waters off the Somali coast.This cooling pushes the massive cloud formation in the Arabian Sea eastwards. All ok till here.

But a slight let-up in the heat over the India Subcontinent is seen since a few days . About 45 °,mostly in the east. The culpritis and will be one or more Western Disturbances due in the next 4/5 days. Now W.D.'s are known to shield the northern movement of the monsoon, if they are large enough. So, lets only hope this line of a couple of W.D.'s coming do not upset the as yet smooth approach of the monsoon. We will have to wait and observe !Not too sure still !

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