Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monsoon Watch - 11

It was my observation in "MW -10", that the trail of the last depression in the bay was pulling the south west winds into the Andaman area.Since yesterday, the South Andaman area is experiancing south west winds and rain. The cross equitorial winds have now 'gracefully ' recurved along the line of the equator into the south west direction, thus indicating that the ITCZ is now along the equator.

Thus, according to me, it can be said that the south west monsoon has set in over the South Andaman Sea, upto the 10° line.(The normal date for this region is 15th.May).

As Jim, international weather expert, states in his blog of Monday, 7th. May, quote,"While in South East Asia, I believe it is safe to say that the South West Monsoon has set in over most of Indochina and southern Myanmar."

The sub continent heating continues,with Jacobabad at 47.5°, and Bhawalnagar at 47.3°, and some places in India at 45° today. Unusual today was Karachi at 40°.

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