Monday, January 22, 2024

Severe cold day conditions in large parts of UP on 22 Jan

 Severe cold day conditions continue in UP on 22 January

Attached is the maximum temperature and their departure from normal.

Moradabad: 12.5c (-7c)

Agra: 11.5c (-12c)

Aligarh: 14.4c (-5c)

Bahraich: 16c (-6c)

Ballia: 16c (-5c)

Bareilly: 14.6c (-7c)

Bijnor: 11.8c (-8c)

Etawah: 15c (-5c)

Jhansi: 15.1c (-9c)

Meerut: 14.1c (-8c)

Varanasi: 16c (-7c)

Prayagraj: 12.8c (-11c)

Muzaffarnagar: 14.8c (-5c)

Shahjahanpur: 15.5c (-4c)

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