Thursday, January 11, 2024

11th January

Plains temperature sinks to sub zero !

Sikar reached sub-zero at -0.5°C, a first this season.

Churu at 1°c.

Narnaul in Haryana hit a sharp low of 2.5°C.



*Dry sunny weather. AQI around 125.

*Days: Current Temp: 4 days 32/33c....Bit warmer.

*Night: Current 23c....Next 3/4 days  18/19c.


* Days current Temp: 26c...Next 4 days 30c

Night: Current 17c...Next 4 days 13/14c.

single digit temp is not likely till 17 Jan.

Goa also expected to get warmer in the day to 32c..Nights around 21c.


Pan India

No rainfall expected in any region next 4 days.

The tropical trough over the Arabian sea that was redirecting tropical moisture towards western India along the western periphery of the anticyclone over east central India has moved west and weakened. Subtropical ridge to take over the Indian region in the days to come. (Courtesy Vag. Gokul)


See World Weather News Page for More on this:

Minimum Temperature Last 24h
01/11/2024 at 06:00 UTC
No.LocationStation IDAmount
1Yurty (Russian Federation)24588-55.8°C
2Iema (Russian Federation)24477-55.3°C
3Delyankir (Russian Federation)24691-55°C
4Agayakan (Russian Federation)24684-54.6°C
5Nera (Russian Federation)24585-54.5°C
6Ojmjakon (Russian Federation)24688-54.1°C
7Tompo (Russian Federation)24671-54°C
8Verhojansk (Russian Federation)24266-52.1°C
9Ohotsky Perevoz (Russian Federation)24871-51.8°C
10Ust'- Moma (Russian Federation)24382-51.6°C
11Susuman (Russian Federation)24790-51.5°C
12Teplyj Klyuch (Russian Federation)24771-51.4°C
13Toko (Russian Federation)31137-51.4°C
14Suhana (Russian Federation)24136-51.1°C
15Batagaj (Russian Federation)24263-51°C

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