Wednesday, January 17, 2024

17th January 


The East winds shifted to North West direction. Resulting in

*On 16th/17th of this month, a short spell of pleasant temperatures ( 16/17°). 

* An improvement in the bustling City's air quality. The Air Quality Index fell from " Poor" ( 175) to "Good" ( 80).

This is chart on 16th...👇

All this brought smiles 😃 

Now, as the NW winds are going to relent, we may see the Air Quality Index rising again ( 140).

Today's chart 👇

OUTLOOK :The temperatures this week till 21st may remain in the range 

Day: 30/31° (Normal)

Night: 18/20° ( Slight above normal).


Outlook: Pune may still see some warm days around 31° and pleasant nights at 12/14°. 

Single digit still avoiding Pune.


*North India*

A strong Jet Stream across the North Indian plains, with winds at 150 knots,  has caused an High Pressure Region ( due to convergence).

This has resulted in

* Thick fog in the plains 

* Sharp drop in day and night temperatures. Almost sub zero temperatures. 

*The places in the plains of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi are colder than the Himalayan hill stations at night.

(Not unusual..for similar events check Vagaries Extreme Blog )

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