Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Maximum temperature continues to run below normal in UP

Significant below-normal maximum temperatures continue in UP 

Attached is the maximum temperature on 23 January and their departure from normal (in brackets)

Agra: 16.5c (-7c)

Aligarh: 12.6c (-7c)

Ballia: 13c

Banda: 14c

Bijnor: 11.2c (-9c)

Ghaziabad: 15.6c

Ghazipur: 14.5c

Kanpur: 16c (-7c)

Lakhimpur Kheri: 13c (-8c)

Lucknow: 18.1c (-5c)

Moradabad: 10.5c

Muzaffarnagar: 10.1c (-9c)

Meerut: 13.9c (-8c)

Prayagraj: 13.4c (-10c)

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