Monday, January 01, 2024


The warm start to the Mumbai "Winter" will continue in the first week ( 1st -5th) of the New Year.

No major relief from the warmth seen in the first week of January. With the day temperature remaining above normal (+2c) at 31/32c, and nights around 18-20c, also above the normal (+3c), not much comfort is seen. In fact with some cloudy skies, there could be some humidity in the air.


The Pune weather will continue to be "just pleasant" in the first week of January. No drastic drop seen in the nights, may not see a single digit reading. Pune sees a single digit reading normally by end November or early december. Current season has dropped to 11c on 24th December.

Usual chill will be missing in Mahabaleshwar in the first week. Expect a temperature range of 25c (Day) and 13c (Night)

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